Brett Favre is a Packer, a Jet and a Viking?

By: Kevin Traynor

This saga is starting to mirror a Seth Meyer’s Weekend Update skit from Saturday Night Live in which he ends his segment with a series of sentences with the word ‘really?’ Really Brett? Going to the Vikings now, maybe Adrian Peterson will save you, really? Or is it a never ending day time soap with more twists than a Twizzler?

"I'm comfortable in Wrangler," said Wrangler Jeans front man, Brett Favre

"I'm comfortable in Wrangler," said Wrangler Jeans front man, Brett Favre

Either way, Favre met with Childress Wednesday to discuss coming back to play for the Vikings. He could be the answer to the quarterback question that has been brewing in Minnesota since Culpepper’s departure.

Without Favre, the Viking’s starting quarterback job would be between returnee Tavaris Jackson and newcomer Sage Rosenfels.

It seems that as much as Favre may love mowing his lawn in Nowhere, Mississippi, he loves playing football more. At least that is what he conveyed last year with his summer long mini-series, which earned him a Jets jersey.

Favre excelled with the Jets, but after tearing his right biceps tendon, velocity dropped from his zingers. As a result, the Jets spiraled from atop of the AFC East standings to a mediocre 8-8 record,  just missing the playoffs.

Why shouldn’t we root for a healthy and effective Brett? Do we not think he’d look good in purple? Maybe you’re one of the people who thinks that he’s tarnishing his reputation, but you cannot blame the guy for competing while he still can.

Just think about it this way, if he returns to Minnesota, Favre will be the starting quarterback at Lambeau again, but this time donning a purple number four jersey.

This looks...right?

This looks...right?

With Favre, the Vikings could be poised for a run deep into the playoffs. If Peterson can sustain an effective running game, Favre can throw all day.

As a Jets fan, I have a love-hate relationship with Favre, but I cannot take anything away from his legacy. He is undoubtedly the best player I have grown up with. He’s the Gretzky of football. He’s Brett Favre whether he’s a Packer, a Jet or a Viking, and if un-retirement is what he wants then by all means…welcome back to football, Brett.


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