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The Bamboozle: A Reporter’s Bittersweet Account

By Emily Dalrymple

The ferris wheel and large crowd on Saturday. Photo from

The ferris wheel and large crowd on Saturday. Photo from

The Bamboozle is a 2-day festival held at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. This year, the festival was sponsored by the Wonka candy company, State Farm Insurance, Zumiez, and several others. The weekend featured two promising headliners – Fall Out Boy and the return of No Doubt.

For this reporter, Bamboozle has become a tradition. I have been making my way down to the festival for four years now. This year was definitely a change of pace. The festival was set up in a different manner than the last few years. Stages were moved around and the overall layout of the festival was a lot smaller. Stages were cramped together and there was often an overlap between bands.

Thomas Dutton of Forgive Durden with Greta Salpeter

Thomas Dutton of Forgive Durden with Greta Salpeter

Saturday night, I watched Forgive Durden perform “Razia’s Shadow” and was surprised that I could easily hear Third Eye Blind playing on the nearby stage. Forgive Durden did not disappoint though. “Razia’s Shadow” is a concept album featuring various singers from other bands. Rather than attempt to sing all of the vocals themselves, Forgive Durden brought a few of their famous friends with them including Greta Salpeter and Bob Morris of The Hush Sound, Dan Young of This Providence, Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter, and Fred Mascherino of The Color Fred.

International Superheroes of Hardcore. Photo by Jered Scott, taken from

International Superheroes of Hardcore. Photo by Jered Scott, taken from

Saturday also featured some other special guests. Cobra Starship brought All Time Low’s lead singer Alex Gaskarth on stage. New Found Glory disguised themselves as superheroes and played under the alias “International Superheroes of Hardcore.” The band played heavy metal songs about wearing seatbelts and their own favorite superheroes. Toward the end of their set, the band accidentally revealed their identity and played two cover songs.

International Superheroes of Harcode after they revealed their identity.

International Superheroes of Harcode after they revealed their identity.

The biggest special guest of the evening was Journey. After months of internet buzz that the eighties rock band would be making an appearance, the festival’s creative director Linc Thomas brought Journey out as the unidentified special guest. They played four songs and had attendees ranging from teen to adult singing along to all of the words.

One of the highlights of Bamboozle is the ability to meet members of your favorite bands whether they are doing a featured autograph session or if they are just walking around the festival checking out their friends. Shwayze, The Cab, Boys Like Girls, and Fall Out Boy are just a few of the bands who had their own featured autograph sessions. One of the strangest features of the day was the autograph signing by internet sensation Chris Crocker – only famous for screeching “Leave Britney alone” in a YouTube video.

While Fall Out Boy was the featured headliner of the day, there were other bands who made more of a presence. Gavin Rossdale, former lead singer of Bush, was one of the best performers of the day. I expected to only hear his solo material, but Rossdale fulfilled my wish and played two popular Bush songs. His performance was dead on and was definitely the highlight of my day.

Fall Out Boy had the last performance of the day, ending around 11:30. Their performance was good, but nothing new or memorable. As I left the venue that evening, I was tired, but eager to see what was in store for Sunday’s performances.

I made the decision to leave for Bamboozle a few hours later on Sunday. The morning did not feature any bands that were of particular interest. Sunday was also rainy and cold. When I arrived, the mood of the day was different and thousands of people tried to stay warm and avoid the rain in ponchos.

I ended up only seeing 4 bands on Sunday – 3OH!3, Sum 41, Rise Against, and No Doubt. 3OH!3 was not as interesting or as fun as I had hoped. After listening to some of their songs, I expected more energy and more fun. Maybe it was my own fault. After all, I wasn’t very happy in the rain.

Sum 41 was excellent. I did not know what to expect and after Deryck Whibley announced his level of intoxication, I was hesitant to expect anything exceptional. Luckily, the band sounded great, but ran over time by ten minutes. This wouldn’t be bad except that it proceeded to put the entire event behind.

No Doubt

No Doubt

Rise Against was not really a band that I would have wanted to see on my own. I can say that they were good and as far as I could tell, those around me definitely enjoyed their set. I was waiting for No Doubt. When Rise Against ended their set, I inched up toward the front of the stage just to see a band that I had been waiting to see for as long as I remember.

Gwen Stefani. Photo from

Gwen Stefani. Photo from

No Doubt did not disappoint. After singer Gwen Stefani announced that this was only their second show together after five years, it opened the door for them to make mistakes. But No Doubt did not make a single mistake that night. The band was flawless and seemed like they had never stopped performing. Stefani was all over the stage, even climbing up the side and running out into the audience. No Doubt was definitely a great way to end the weekend.

Now the title makes reference to the weekend being bittersweet. After all the fun I had, this reporter’s car wouldn’t start and I was stranded in New Jersey for the night. The next day, I met a very nice and funny cab driver by the name of Joe. I explained the situation to him and he left me with one of the best quotes.

“You got bamboozled at the Bamboozle.”


Empty Stands Haunt Marist Athletics

By: Daniel Kopf

Marist College has had a successful school year on the athletic fields capturing four Metro Atlantic Athletic Championships as well as garnering numerous individual accolades.  For years Marist athletes have been breaking records and winning championships under a shroud of apathy from the student body.

Student attendance at sporting events has been mediocre at best.  Students are usually too lazy to attend, only to be lured to a game by the promise of free food and t-shirts. These may be a treat to the regular attendee but the real treat is being able to support our college athletes.

A familiar image at Marist College

A familiar image at Marist College

Failing to support our athletes not only shows a lack of commitment towards our peers but to the university as well.  In 2007 Marist renovated Leonidoff field, increasing the field’s seating capacity to 5,000. According to statistics compiled by the NCAA, Marist ranked 109th in Division I-FCS football last year with an average attendance of 2,527, barely filling up the stadium to half capacity.

Marist Football isn’t the only sport with below average attendance.  According to NCAA statistics 28, 571 fans showed up to the support the Men’s Basketball team this season, 81,441 less fans than arch rival Siena.  These numbers do not even account for the fact that most of the fans that fill the Mcann Center are alumni and local fans.

If there is a silver lining to the apathy that plagues this campus is that there is hope.  Once a year Marist students pack the Mcann Center for the NCAA’s Pack the House Challenge.  This year Marist became one of six schools to sell out recording over 3200 fans.

There is no reason why this cannot be a common occurrence.  If students can “pack the house” once, then why can’t they do it every week, besides If Marist students don’t fill up the stands and support our teams then who will?

Nature vs. Nurture: The Media’s Effect on Body Image

By Sara Shea


Although the media is beneficial to society, it can be detrimental to the way we perceive ourselves and those around us. Through portrayals of women in advertisements and television the media can negatively affect body image and give way to eating disorders.

An estimated 8 million Americans currently suffer from eating disorders. The “thin ideal” in American society is a driving force in body image and eating issues. The “thin ideal” is the media’s glamorized portrayal of extremely thin women. While this phenomenon primarily affects women between the ages of 18 and 25, it has also been proven to effect adolescents as well as males. A study published in the Journal of Communication found that high school girls as young as 13 are effected by the media’s portrayal of ultra-thin models and celebrities.


The ultra thin women depicted in the media are constantly subconsciously influencing Americans. Young girls are most prone to developing eating disorders as a result of repeated exposure to such images.

The ultra thin women depicted in the media are constantly subconsciously influencing Americans. Young girls are most prone to developing eating disorders as a result of repeated exposure to such images.

Children as well as adults imitate what they see in the media. From appearance to behavior, humans learn by doing. Therefore, if children grow up seeing thin women in advertisements, on television, and in film they accept this as reality and try to imitate their appearance and their actions. This is known as the cultivation theory. By seeing images over and over people absorb what they see and are influenced by messages in the media over time.


Television advertisements are a perfect example of how the media uses the cultivation theory to manipulate the public. Advertisements are repetitious; the same ad can air between television programs, before a movie, and can be printed in a magazine. If said ad depicts an attractive, thin woman, viewers are repeatedly being shown how they “should” look. This constant “thin ideal” reinforcement is largely to blame for American’s obsession with body image.

Often considered a “westernized” disease, eating disorders are rare in other parts of the world. According to, “The prevalence of eating disorders in non-Western countries is lower than that of the Western countries but appears to be increasing.” Eating disorders are on the rise across the globe because Western customs and ideals are spreading.

As nations become more technologically advanced, certain aspects of American culture are slowly finding their way around the world. From McDonalds to rap music, American culture has a huge impact on the world. The more ultra thin women are portrayed as desirable in other cultures, the more likely it is that eating disorders will become a global problem.

The media controls what the public thinks about through agenda setting. By discussing certain topics and not others, the media sets an agenda for what the public should perceive as important. According to, ads for diets and diet related products generate $50 billion in revenue each year.

If public service announcements about eating disorders were made instead of ads for diet pills, the general public would be more aware of these serious issues. Unfortunately, public service announcements are often under funded, thus why not many eating disorder related announcements have aired. However, if attention was raised, and this issue became more widely known, those suffering could benefit tremendously.

Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign is one of the only advertisements on the market that uses real women instead of models to market their products. A leader in the fight against body image problems in girls, Dove also holds various self confidence work shops around the country to encourage young girls to think positively about themselves and love their bodies no matter what size they are. Though these are steps in the right direction, one company cannot undo years of the media reinforcing the “thin ideal.”

The media is a powerful tool that is both beneficial and detrimental to society. Without advertisements and entertainment industries would fail and life as we know it would be dramatically altered. However, the media comes at a price. We live in a world where 13 year old girls are no longer playing with makeup and flirting with boys, but rather crash dieting and starving themselves. It is important to keep in mind that the media is not reality. What is depicted on television, in film, and in magazines is not necessarily real life. As a whole society should use the media, not be used by it.

All Hail the King

King James

King James

By: Kevin Traynor

He is more than a basketball player. He has transcended greatness, and ushered the NBA back into the forefront in the post-Jordan era. He has taken a pedestrian and a generally unsuccessful Cleveland Cavaliers franchise, and transformed them into a beast in the east. He is LeBron James, and we are all witnesses.

“Chosen one, huh?” uttered Stuart Scott in an ESPN commercial that featured a young James attempting to fix a copy machine at the ESPN headquarters. James has followed the mold set by Jordan: a mold that garners international recognition. LeBron is the next number 23.

This season, LeBron has entered an echelon all to himself. He steered a Cavaliers team to the best record in the NBA, home court advantage throughout the playoffs and as of today, the league’s MVP. He even entered his name into next year’s Slam Dunk Contest.

Most. Valuable. Player. This award is not given to the most outstanding player, although James arguably might be both.

Averaging 28 points, 7 boards and 7 assists per game, the league has been on notice since the opening whistle. Names like Kobe, and D-Wade were on James’ coat tails through the duration of the season, but on Monday, LeBron emerged from the pack as the league’s third youngest MVP.

The first round of the playoffs has provided the same dominance that America has grown accustom to seeing from James. His Cavaliers swept the aging Pistons in dominating fashion. During the series LeBron averaged 32 points, 11 boards and 7 assists per game.

The 6-foot-8, 250-pound forward has done something that many athletes fail to do. He has become more than a baller, and has emerged as a

King James tries law in a commercial

King James tries law in a commercial

personality. He and his teammates began a pre-game ritual this spring in which they created an air band, imaginary team photo-opp’s with a variety of poses and bowling pins with LeBron rolling in the ball. The Cavs have an unrivaled loose feel that has translated to success.

That’s the image LeBron has created. He’s entertaining both on and off the court. Have you ever seen a man that big that graceful? LeBron carving through the lane en route to the rack is a thing of a beauty.

However, don’t be mistaken, things for LeBron are not as easy as they look. After falling to the Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals last year, a game in which James’ scored a pedestrian 45 points, LeBron took a week off and headed back into the gym.

LeBron’s work ethic inspires his team’s play, and his attitude is so infectious that it has overhauled an otherwise dull NBA since Jordan. He is the answer we were all looking for. He is the next 23, and we are all witnesses.

Brett Favre is a Packer, a Jet and a Viking?

By: Kevin Traynor

This saga is starting to mirror a Seth Meyer’s Weekend Update skit from Saturday Night Live in which he ends his segment with a series of sentences with the word ‘really?’ Really Brett? Going to the Vikings now, maybe Adrian Peterson will save you, really? Or is it a never ending day time soap with more twists than a Twizzler?

"I'm comfortable in Wrangler," said Wrangler Jeans front man, Brett Favre

"I'm comfortable in Wrangler," said Wrangler Jeans front man, Brett Favre

Either way, Favre met with Childress Wednesday to discuss coming back to play for the Vikings. He could be the answer to the quarterback question that has been brewing in Minnesota since Culpepper’s departure.

Without Favre, the Viking’s starting quarterback job would be between returnee Tavaris Jackson and newcomer Sage Rosenfels.

It seems that as much as Favre may love mowing his lawn in Nowhere, Mississippi, he loves playing football more. At least that is what he conveyed last year with his summer long mini-series, which earned him a Jets jersey.

Favre excelled with the Jets, but after tearing his right biceps tendon, velocity dropped from his zingers. As a result, the Jets spiraled from atop of the AFC East standings to a mediocre 8-8 record,  just missing the playoffs.

Why shouldn’t we root for a healthy and effective Brett? Do we not think he’d look good in purple? Maybe you’re one of the people who thinks that he’s tarnishing his reputation, but you cannot blame the guy for competing while he still can.

Just think about it this way, if he returns to Minnesota, Favre will be the starting quarterback at Lambeau again, but this time donning a purple number four jersey.

This looks...right?

This looks...right?

With Favre, the Vikings could be poised for a run deep into the playoffs. If Peterson can sustain an effective running game, Favre can throw all day.

As a Jets fan, I have a love-hate relationship with Favre, but I cannot take anything away from his legacy. He is undoubtedly the best player I have grown up with. He’s the Gretzky of football. He’s Brett Favre whether he’s a Packer, a Jet or a Viking, and if un-retirement is what he wants then by all means…welcome back to football, Brett.

Never Too Late

By: Michelle Morico

Many students are eager for their summer vacation to begin, but are not quite sure how they are going to spend all of this soon to be free time. Finding the perfect internship or job can be strenuous, but it definitely is not too late to try.

Many communication majors in their junior year have been looking for internships for the summer. Gerald McNulty, director of the Communication Internship Program, shares his advice. He said that summer internships are much harder to get than internships during the school year.

“It is a little bit complicated,” he said. “It is never too late to apply but summer is a very competitive time.”

McNulty said he stresses the importance of identifying your target. If you want to work for a magazine, identify what type, or if you want to work for broadcasting, identify your dream job. Putting yourself out there is very important.

If you are looking for a magazine internship, McNulty recommends going to the local bookstore and writing down names of editors at magazines that you would be interested in working for, and send off as many copies of your resume as you can. Marist Junior, Amelia Otte, has taken McNulty’s advice; she has landed herself a photography internship at Shape magazine for the summer.

“I am interning at Shape magazine in New York City three days a week, while commuting from Poughkeepsie,” she said. “For the other four days, I will be in Poughkeepsie working at Beach Body Tanning Salon, catering at Lola’s Café and Catering and waitressing at Coppola’s in Hyde Park.”

Otte is going on her third internship. She says they are not always easy to get, but never stops applying because it is hard to know when something will turn up. is an extremely helpful website,” she said. “Magazines post internships that they need filled and say exactly how to contact them. Usually you just send in your resume and cover letter.”

The only problem with this site is that many students recognize the ease with which they are able to apply for these internships, so they are often very competitive.

“I received an email two days ago from the people at Inside Edition looking for summer interns, but there is no way to know if other places are still looking for interns,” said McNulty.

Rob Fleming, Marist junior, just received an internship at Dia: Beacon, which is an art Gallery in Beacon, New York.

“I went in and applied,” said Fleming. “I guess they had just had to let someone go, so the timing ended up being perfect, I just started the other day.”  Timing proves to be an important factor in receiving the perfect job or internship.

“You always have to accept that there are exceptions,” he said. “Rules and deadlines do not always apply in the workforce.” McNulty said to send in your resume despite what the deadline says, because if the deadline passes and the employer does not have the perfect candidate yet, they are going to keep looking.

“Learn how to make yourself a good job candidate,” McNulty said. “The more practice you get, the more appealing you will be to employers.”

Editor’s Note

We made it! This week is the last issue of The River Reporter and the stories were better than ever. There is an editorial on domestic violence, as well as an article on seniors mixed feelings as their last few weeks at college come to an end.  With the swine flu epidemic sweeping the country, what does it mean for our community? One of our reporters checked it out. Speaking of our country, with the recession we are in, is cheap now trendy? Also be sure to check out the student-teacher profile of Tim Wall a student at Marist who has anything but a normal routine compared to most college kids. All in all it has been a successful semester of reporting with lots of interesting topics cropping up, thanks for reading!

-Amanda Lavergne