100 Days Show Candidate and President are One in the Same

By: Caitlin Nolan

In the short time he has been in office, President Barack Obama has been compared to Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson. Many seem to think 100 days is a lengthy period of time to adequately assess the success of the current President and can use it as a marker for what remains of his term. I do not agree. Where 100 days may seem like a long period of time when you’re told that’s how many days until summer break or Christmas morning, President Obama still has some 1,300 or so days to contend with and make use of to better this country. Thus far, it seems President Obama is on the right track.

The past 100 days, however, have shown us something: President Obama is a popular man. Like popular presidents

100 Days Passed and Obama continues to make good on promises. Photo courtesy of www.boston.com

100 Days Passed and Obama continues to make good on promises. Photo courtesy of http://www.boston.com

before him, Obama has had high approval ratings based on his personality consistent with this past year’s campaign.

In an article found on CNN.com, presidential historian Doug Brinkley explained that, “People are learning to trust Obama that when he talks, he’s not just articulate, but he’s shooting straight.”

Not wavering from the man America became familiar with throughout his campaign, Obama has continued to keep many of his promises and push forward, making a steady progress towards his goals. According Politifact.com, a website which has tracked Obama’s promises and how true to them he may or may not stay, the President has kept 28, compromised on seven, broken six, stalled on four, currently has 63 in the works and has yet to take action on the remaining 406.

Among those promises kept is the creation of a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners. According to Politifact.com, the creation of a $10 billion fund as part of his stimulus package to help homeowners refinance or sell their homes is in effect. According to a mortgage fact sheet found on www.barackobama.com, “The Fund will not help speculators, people who bought vacation homes or people who falsely represented their incomes.” It’s refreshing to see someone in charge on the side of honest workers who deserve help in hard times.

Many students, graduating or continuing to pursue a degree, may not feel that a mortgages are nowhere near the immediate future. This may or may not be true, but student loans are an inescapable part of many students’ lives and Barack Obama recognizes this. Part of his campaign entailed a more reasonable way to afford college. No person should go without an education and Obama is working towards making that a reality.

According to a statement released by President Obama on www.barackobama.com, “In a way to improve student loans Federal Family Education Loans, President Obama has called for ending the FFEL program, and shifting entirely to providing direct loans to students. This will save Americans tens of billions over 10 years.”

“By cutting out the middleman money saved would pay for 95% of our plan to guarantee growing Pell grants,” President Obama said on the subject.

President Obama is not without his faults. Thus far, he has broken six promises, including allowing five days of public comment before signing any bills. It would be virtually impossible to imagine agreeing with every action the president commits. He is only one man and to hold him on that sort of pedestal could only lead to disappointment.

President Obama signs off on executive orders. Photo courtesy of zimbio.com

President Obama signs off on executive orders. Photo courtesy of zimbio.com

As stated in an article on CNN.com, ‘”Too many times, after the election is over, and the confetti is swept away, all those promises fade from memory, and the lobbyists and the special interests move in, and people turn away, disappointed as before, left to struggle on their own,” then-Sen. Barack Obama said as he announced his intentions to pursue the Democratic nomination.’

Well, the election is over, but the promises still seem to be intact. Time will tell, but so far, I would consider the progress made a success.


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