Daniel KopfDaniel Kopf is a sophomore journalism and sports communication major with a minor in history at Marist College.  Dan is very involved in several activities on campus and is a Tenor in Marist College Singers and a member of the bowling club.He is also very active at Marist College’s AM station WMAR.  Dan hosts one show and produces several others including the men and women’s basketball games.  Dan has also worked on several plays throughout college and high school including Marist College’s production of  Nunsense last fall. Daniel first started writing in high school for his school newspaper The Spotlight.  Dan’s true passion is sports and is a die hard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Met’s.

Stephanie Espina is currently a senior Communications major at Marist College from Hempstead, Long Island. She is studying Radio/TV/Film and Journalism with a minor in Psychology.  Stephanie is persuing a career in television either on-screen or behind the scenes. Throughout hercareer at Marist, she has been involved in a number of extracurricular activities: Campus Ministry, Marist College Television News, Emerging Leaders Program, Marist College Newspaper: The Circle, among other activities. She has completed four fantastic internships in somewhat smaller markets. She has worked for Sundance Channel, WEtv, Clear Channel of the Hudson Valley and Cablevision News. She’s had the opportunity to do really fun things at each internship including interviewing celebrity gossip queen Perez Hilton for an article she wrote for the WEtv website. She learned how to establish herself as a freelance writer as a result.

Right now, Stephanie is employed part-time in the Promotions department at Clear Channel. She gets to attend various events in the area, spend time with radio personalities and better understand radio as an industry. She is also employed as a temp for Cablevision. During her internship, she was made a local reporter which enabled her to learn more about the Hudson Valley area and steered her away from the “Marist bubble”. Stephanie is now a fill-in reporter, and she is the host for a local television show called Neighborhood Journal available On Demand!


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