By Ashley Posimato


One Kara Dioguardi + 38 “That was the BOMB dawg”’s – 50% of Paula Abdul’s competence x 1 infamously honest “absolutely dreadful” Simon Cowell =  American Idol Season 8, a showcase of quite possibly most talented selection of contestants yet.

From Kelly Clarkson to Carrie Underwood to Adam Lambert (unless Bill O’Reilly has anything to say about it), American Idol has continued to impress its audience, “debuting January 14, 2009, as the number one show on television,” according to Nielsen.

Photo by: David Kiely BusinessWeek

Photo by: David Kiely BusinessWeek

Photo by:

Photo by:

But as the amateur competition grows stronger, the professional entertainment that recently consumes the results shows, leaves a lot to be desired –and after Paula’s performance Thursday night– a lot to be understood.

The first guest-entertainer that failed to upstage the Idol hopefuls, spent the majority of his performance suggesting we “blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.”  But after that disappointing performance, Jamie Foxx has no one to blame but himself.

Foxx appeared on American Idol to mentor the top 5 finalists as they prepared to take on songs from The Rat Pack.

“I have got to say a special thank you to Jamie Foxx because what Jamie’s brought out, particularly in you, tonight is incredible,” Cowell said to Danny Gokey, a Season 8 favorite.

Foxx showed he had the advice to produce a winning performance, but when his turn came to practice what he preached, winning turned to loosing and Jamie couldn’t seem to accurately place the blame — it clearly was not the alcohol.

In the future Mr. Foxx — take the responsibility, along with your own advice.  After all, at least your advice is coherent.

Paula Abdul (especially after Thursday night’s performance) on the other hand, may not have the same convenience.

Over the last few seasons Abdul has accrued a reputation for her inability to articulate nearly everything she attempts to say.
So if the woman can’t get her words straight, who made the determination that she could walk straight, and furthermore dance straight?

Paula Abdul stumbled around the stage Thursday night, lip-synching a version of her new song that didn’t only sound non-Paula, it sounded non-human.

So unless Jamie Foxx gave her some of the alcohol he attributed to his bad performance, Abdul’s uncomfortable number did nothing but verify that after 8 seasons of competition — the singing should be left to the contestants.


Hollywood may house celebrities, Britain may have talent, but America (by the measure of this year’s top three Adam, Danny, and Kris) has more!…as long as the professionals stay out of it.


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