Jennifer Hill, a sophomore at Marist College, currently is working on a Communication degree with a double concentration in Journalism and Public Relations with a minor in

Jennifer Hill

Jennifer Hill

Psychology. She is originally from Milford, Connecticut and worked for her local newspaper, the New Haven Register, during Summer 2008. At Marist, Jennifer is a member of the school newspaper, The Circle, and belongs to the Emerging Leaders program. In addition, she is also a member of the Communication Arts Society and the Italian-American Club. She enjoys writing and reading, especially her favorite book Lovely Bones.

Amanda Lavergne

Amanda Lavergne

Amanda Lavergne, is also a sophomore at Marist College and is pursuing a Communication degree with a concentration on Journalism. She also is working on a double minor in Fashion Merchandising and Public Relations. Amanda is from Virginia and had a summer job at the Central Intelligence Agency. She writes for the student newspaper, The Circle, and is also a member of the Communication Arts Society, the Italian-American Club and Campus Ministry. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys reading and listening to music.


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