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Twitter Thrives on Mobile Technology and Real Time Updates

Summer is over and college students are making their way back to campus.

Summer is over and college students are making their way back to campus.

By: Stephanie Espina
Evan Williams went to “Burn the Floor” last night and it was fantastic. David Ortiz is eating lunch with a headache at work. Lance Armstrong made it to Paris and thinks it will be good to spend time on some old training roads. Most internet users have heard of Facebook and Myspace, but Twitter seems to be making a name for itself in the social networking realm. It answers a simple, tempting and ambiguous question: “What are you doing?”
Combining the elements of a typical social networking site and utilizing mobile technology as its main source of distribution, Twitter has made it possible for people to directly communicate with many friends at the same time. Just how many friends? A ton.
“Everyone uses the service differently, which is one of the reasons it’s become so popular,” says technology blogger and Twitter user Ed Kohler in a recent blog. “Over time, you’ll figure out who’s using Twitter in a way that’s interesting to you,” he says. One of the beauties of Twitter is that you can schedule “off hours” so your phone or inbox of choice is not too overwhelmed with incoming status updates. “This is useful if you have friends who like to do some drinking and Twittering late into the night, or if you have friends in different time zones,” says Kohler.
Once you are a registered user on Twitter.com, you are given the option to “follow” interesting strangers, companies, media outlets, celebrities or personal friends. Once you have established which profiles you would like to receive updates from, you will then choose the method in which you would like to receive that information. For the not-so-text-savvy, this might be a good way to start learning more about mobile updates and making use of the power of texting. Once you have an update you would like to share, text the Twitter site by texting the number “40404.” Keep in mind that the body of the message cannot exceed 140 characters and that Twitter will broadcast to all of those lovely “followers” of yours. If you would rather not receive text updates and if you do not have a big text plan you can send updates traditionally through the Twitter website or via instant message services like AIM or Google Talk.
You can even follow Twitter co-founder Evan Williams. In a recent TedTalks video podcast, Williams spoke about the importance of using a social tool like Twitter. “The fundamental idea is Twitter lets people share moments of their lives whenever they want…by sharing these moments as they’re happening it lets people feel more connected and in touch despite distance and real time,” he said. What the creators didn’t anticipated according to Williams, were the additional uses that evolved from this particular system. “It seems like when you give people easier ways to share information, more good things happen.”
You will be notified whenever the people you are following are sending a Twitter update. You can also subscribe to other Twitter user’s updates by clicking the “ADD” link on their profile page. If you choose this option, this does not mean they can receive your updates just because you interested in them. Twitter is less about posting or tagging pictures an more about simply updating users on what other users are doing or experiencing on a daily basis. The content you wish to provide can be informative, strategic in guiding your Twitter followers to particular action or realization or it can merely serve as an expressive outlet after an eventful day.
Additionally, if you log onto “Summize.com” you are able to search any event, issue or topic and see who is there sending a “tweet” about it on Twitter.
“I can see how an outlet like Twitter can be useful for all kinds of people,” said Harriman resident and father of two, David Ortiz. “I get updates from the New York Times [and] the New York Yankees but I also follow faithful bloggers who use twitter to increase their fan base,” he said. “If you like fast communication, getting updates on information you are interested in and promoting yourself or ideas you think other people should know about, then there is no doubt Twitter is for you.”


Political Activism Encouraged by the Many Tweeters

By: Caitlin Nolan

Twitter has become one of the newest phenomena to enter the lives of people world- wide and such an advance in technology has bled into the political aspects of life as well. According to an article found on CNN.com,  Twitter has become a site in which protestors and activists follow each other’s moves, allowing for a more organized movement.

Clay Shirky, author of “Here Comes Everybody” and an expert on the social and economic effects of Internet

Twitter is the latest and greatest form of communication and many are utilizing it for reasons political and social.

Twitter is the latest and greatest form of communication and many are utilizing it for reasons political and social.

technologies told CNN, “[Protesters] have made it impossible for the defenders to adopt a cut-off-the-head-and-the-body-will-die strategy. [Technology] has made the idea of a frontline of protests almost completely amorphous.”

Many still use this site for simple networking among friends and colleagues. Such users know what benefits Twitter holds, but keep mind of the fact that words on paper can come back to haunt you.

“You can use Twitter for any purpose you want,” Chris Morris said, a senior at Marist College. The business marketing major and psychology minor is well aware of the ramifications one misstep in the information put out on the web can lead to.

“That’s part of the agreement of posting anything on the internet,” Morris said.

Many students campus wide feel that the connection a person can make to their local politician or congressperson on twitter is unlike any other instant connection.

“Twitter is a great tool to use for political activism because you can constantly update and send your supporters at that time,” Danny Jagoda said.“Twitter makes it 24/7.”

James Curran, Director of Networking at Marist College, also feels that Twitter is something worth utilizing. “I think its genius to utilize such a system to reach out to your followers,” Curran said. “I don’t want people to follow me, but I understand the appeals.”

As for the concerns of many in regards to a possible “big brother” scenario, time will tell. The fact still remains that like every other new and improved outlet of communication, many jump on the band wagon quickly and only after realize what can truly come about by being part of the community.

“It is part of that next wave of technologies,” Morris said. Anything you put there has the possibility of being found, but that’s the point of them- it’s huge because of what it does.”

Politician Causes Trouble While Twittering Abroad

BY: Caitlin Nolan

For as long as there have been politicians in America, there has been the goal of ‘relating to the common people.’ To do so, those same politicians will attempt to reach out, speak to those who are affected by their decisions, and keep the people in touch with recent events. There comes a point, however, where that contact can prove dangerous.

According to an article on Politco.com, many lawmakers are posting on Twitter, an online blogging tool that allows these politicians to “stay connected to their constituents on an up-to-the-second basis.”

Many are using this blogging tool at inopportune times such as during committee meetings and on the Senate floor. No

Representative Hoekstra does more than anticipated in Iraq and angers many in the process. By Alex Wong, Getty Images for Meet the Press

Representative Hoekstra does more than anticipated in Iraq and angers many in the process. By Alex Wong, Getty Images for Meet the Press

one, however, can compare to that of Pete Hoekstra, Representative of Michigan to the 2nd Congressional District of Michigan. While others may be creating conflict by updating their status in America, Hoekstra posted to his twitter whilst in Iraq, updating all who has access to the site of his actions and plans in real time.

“All of this information gives the enemy possible COAs (courses of action) which makes ambushes a lot easier, especially if the enemy knows who they’re traveling with, ” said Cassandra Gilday, a cadet in the ROTC and student at Marist College. “My boyfriend who is deployed can’t even tell me where he is, because that’s telling the enemy where he is.”

Gilday went on to state that Hoekstra had included vital information within his blogs that go into a mission.

The repercussions of such an action are unknown at the moment, but the backlash of such an act may affect those who wish to report in similar wartime situations.

“Will this affect the Press- oh absolutely,” said Gerry McNulty, former Editor of the Poughkeepsie Journal and Director of the Communication Internship Program at Marist College. “There’s a danger you have to understand in any military situation. He is not literally breaking any laws. Is he endangering himself and others? I think yes!”

Others reacted just as strongly, expressing concern for the carelessness of a man in power.

“He has to have more pressing things to be doing,” said Ben Condon, a junior at Marist College. “He was put into office for a reason.”

Many think that there is an understanding between the press and military. Such an act that could possibly have ended in a very bad situation may be grounds for a change in that relationship.

“There is a lot of preparation when someone of authority comes here (to Marist College) and this is not a combat zone!” McNulty said. “Many people take actions that later have ramifications for others. Not only journalists, but those who give out food to needy people follow the same procedures (of silence) for safety of all in a combat zone.”

This may be a hard situation to gage in terms of what actions should follow, but it must be taken into account that technically this situation is not illegal.

“Jeopardizing things is dangerous behavior,” McNulty said. “However, he has every right to say what he said.”

While that may be true, others need not take into account the fact that the First Amendment is important when it comes to war.

Patriotism or TMI? Courtesy of www.wikipedia.org

Patriotism or TMI? Courtesy of http://www.wikipedia.org

“This is completely ridiculous,” said Danny Jagoda, a sophomore at Marist College said. “You’re giving away the place of military. To an extent I consider this a security breech. Twitter is not meant for that. There is no reason (for this.)”

The official verdict is still out and may never actually come to be. No course of action has been mentioned. However, the disappointment of the American people still resonates.

“That was really stupid,” said Emily Gravel, a junior at Marist College. “He should know better.”