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Mixed Feelings as Seniors Prepare to Say ‘Goodbye’

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

By: Stephanie Espina

For some seniors, the digital countdowns hanging on the walls of academic buildings seem more like a death sentence than a countdown to liberation.

Those about to graduate already have plenty on their minds: “Where can I get a dress for Senior Formal?” “Will anyone hire me?” “Where did the past four years go?” and yet each one knows that they will be hearing “The Pomp and Circumstance” whether they’re ready for it or not.

“Sometimes I don’t think I should be graduating, or that four years passed by so quickly, but it has and it’s weird to me,” says senior Victoria Banks. Looking down at a pile of research papers she sighs, “It’s bittersweet.”

Banks, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is unsure whether she will relocate to the New York area upon graduation and is in the process of finding a full time job. It was her attendance to Marist’s annual River Festival, where reality settled in.

“I had just realized it was one of the last times I’d be out with my Marist friends on the river and that was difficult for me to grasp,” says Banks. “I completely balled my eyes out…and it made my friends cry too.

Many senior attendees swaying and singing the words to “It Ends Tonight” looked up at the fireworks and shared the same feelings as Banks, where an ending was the last thing they could possibly want.

Then again, some seniors feel ready to move on.

“Although it doesn’t feel like four years, I know I’ve put in the time and energy,” says senior Vincent Anthony, taking a bite into a buffalo chicken wrap. “It feels good to graduate and be done.”

Anthony is a Business Administration major at Marist and just recently completed his extensive capping project. The completion of a capping course relative to one’s major is a strict requirement for graduation. Weeks of preparation are involved and once the course is completed, any other assignment seems pleasantly feasible.

“Once capping is over, you are on top of the world,” says Anthony.

Banks, about to pick up her pile of papers and head for her 2 o’clock class stops to think about what she will miss the most about her college experience.

“I’ll miss this little community we’re all in,” she says. “I’ll miss the landscape, the grass and I know I’ll definitely miss the view of the Hudson River.”

Anthony pauses after finishing his tasty lunch courtesy of the Cabaret.

“I mean it’s sad to know that I won’t be in college anymore and I won’t see some of my favorite people every day,” says Anthony. “But then I feel excited and happy about ending this chapter in my life. I’m really looking forward to discovering new things.”

Seniors will receive their diplomas on Saturday, May 23rd.