Brett Favre is a Packer, a Jet and a Viking?

By: Kevin Traynor

This saga is starting to mirror a Seth Meyer’s Weekend Update skit from Saturday Night Live in which he ends his segment with a series of sentences with the word ‘really?’ Really Brett? Going to the Vikings now, maybe Adrian Peterson will save you, really? Or is it a never ending day time soap with more twists than a Twizzler?

"I'm comfortable in Wrangler," said Wrangler Jeans front man, Brett Favre

"I'm comfortable in Wrangler," said Wrangler Jeans front man, Brett Favre

Either way, Favre met with Childress Wednesday to discuss coming back to play for the Vikings. He could be the answer to the quarterback question that has been brewing in Minnesota since Culpepper’s departure.

Without Favre, the Viking’s starting quarterback job would be between returnee Tavaris Jackson and newcomer Sage Rosenfels.

It seems that as much as Favre may love mowing his lawn in Nowhere, Mississippi, he loves playing football more. At least that is what he conveyed last year with his summer long mini-series, which earned him a Jets jersey.

Favre excelled with the Jets, but after tearing his right biceps tendon, velocity dropped from his zingers. As a result, the Jets spiraled from atop of the AFC East standings to a mediocre 8-8 record,  just missing the playoffs.

Why shouldn’t we root for a healthy and effective Brett? Do we not think he’d look good in purple? Maybe you’re one of the people who thinks that he’s tarnishing his reputation, but you cannot blame the guy for competing while he still can.

Just think about it this way, if he returns to Minnesota, Favre will be the starting quarterback at Lambeau again, but this time donning a purple number four jersey.

This looks...right?

This looks...right?

With Favre, the Vikings could be poised for a run deep into the playoffs. If Peterson can sustain an effective running game, Favre can throw all day.

As a Jets fan, I have a love-hate relationship with Favre, but I cannot take anything away from his legacy. He is undoubtedly the best player I have grown up with. He’s the Gretzky of football. He’s Brett Favre whether he’s a Packer, a Jet or a Viking, and if un-retirement is what he wants then by all means…welcome back to football, Brett.


Technology: Friend or Foe in Communication?

By Jacel Egan

In the new age of media communication, younger generations have become so technologically savvy that the preferred method of keeping in contact with friends is through the Internet as opposed to face to face contact.

Although this may seem like a step forward (and in an era where instantaneous communication is vital, it can be) in breaking the distance barrier, I feel as though the personal side of interaction is getting lost in the midst of “OMGs” and “ROFLs.”

Social networking sites have become a main way of communication for college-aged students. Photo from

Social networking sites have become a main way of communication for college-aged students. Photo from

According to a Fuser study in 2007, “84 percent of college-aged users spend seven or more hours per week on the Internet managing their personal communications.”  Also, 92 percent of college-aged users 18-21 years old also have two or more e-mail accounts while also maintaining at least one social networking account, such as Facebook.

This is a hefty amount of online chatting and interaction. Online communication, in my opinion, sacrifices authenticity and personality for convenience. It’s easy to chat online with several friends at once or with people that are far away, but more often than not, messages are misunderstood or misread, causing unnecessary drama.

Instant messages can easily be taken seriously even though they were meant to be sarcastic, or something entirely differently can be interpreted than what the original message had intended. From personal experience, I have fallen victim to sending the wrong message to someone that wasn’t supposed to see such content. I can reassure you that trying to fix online mix-ups is definitely not the most fun thing to do.

It's easy to send a message to the wrong person on AIM. Photo from

It's easy to send a message to the wrong person on AIM. Photo from

Online interaction also lacks the personal touch of communicating with someone face to face. The nonverbal cues are absent on Facebook chat and AIM (though this problem is irrelevant to Skype). Real-life conversations with others also allow for time to gather thoughts more sufficiently and choose words more wisely than chatting online.

Again, I nominate myself the worst online talker because I am that person that types whatever thought comes to mind, good or bad. My housemates are now my IM and text “editors” to keep me in check. Sometimes what someone would normally say to another in person and online can be completely different. The Internet, due to its instantaneous nature, can remove the filter for what someone would usually keep to himself or herself.

Online communication can be either a wonderful way to keep in touch with family and friends that are hundreds of miles away, yet can also be detrimental to relationships if messages are interpreted incorrectly. So just remember, think before you type.

100 Days Show Candidate and President are One in the Same

By: Caitlin Nolan

In the short time he has been in office, President Barack Obama has been compared to Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson. Many seem to think 100 days is a lengthy period of time to adequately assess the success of the current President and can use it as a marker for what remains of his term. I do not agree. Where 100 days may seem like a long period of time when you’re told that’s how many days until summer break or Christmas morning, President Obama still has some 1,300 or so days to contend with and make use of to better this country. Thus far, it seems President Obama is on the right track.

The past 100 days, however, have shown us something: President Obama is a popular man. Like popular presidents

100 Days Passed and Obama continues to make good on promises. Photo courtesy of

100 Days Passed and Obama continues to make good on promises. Photo courtesy of

before him, Obama has had high approval ratings based on his personality consistent with this past year’s campaign.

In an article found on, presidential historian Doug Brinkley explained that, “People are learning to trust Obama that when he talks, he’s not just articulate, but he’s shooting straight.”

Not wavering from the man America became familiar with throughout his campaign, Obama has continued to keep many of his promises and push forward, making a steady progress towards his goals. According, a website which has tracked Obama’s promises and how true to them he may or may not stay, the President has kept 28, compromised on seven, broken six, stalled on four, currently has 63 in the works and has yet to take action on the remaining 406.

Among those promises kept is the creation of a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners. According to, the creation of a $10 billion fund as part of his stimulus package to help homeowners refinance or sell their homes is in effect. According to a mortgage fact sheet found on, “The Fund will not help speculators, people who bought vacation homes or people who falsely represented their incomes.” It’s refreshing to see someone in charge on the side of honest workers who deserve help in hard times.

Many students, graduating or continuing to pursue a degree, may not feel that a mortgages are nowhere near the immediate future. This may or may not be true, but student loans are an inescapable part of many students’ lives and Barack Obama recognizes this. Part of his campaign entailed a more reasonable way to afford college. No person should go without an education and Obama is working towards making that a reality.

According to a statement released by President Obama on, “In a way to improve student loans Federal Family Education Loans, President Obama has called for ending the FFEL program, and shifting entirely to providing direct loans to students. This will save Americans tens of billions over 10 years.”

“By cutting out the middleman money saved would pay for 95% of our plan to guarantee growing Pell grants,” President Obama said on the subject.

President Obama is not without his faults. Thus far, he has broken six promises, including allowing five days of public comment before signing any bills. It would be virtually impossible to imagine agreeing with every action the president commits. He is only one man and to hold him on that sort of pedestal could only lead to disappointment.

President Obama signs off on executive orders. Photo courtesy of

President Obama signs off on executive orders. Photo courtesy of

As stated in an article on, ‘”Too many times, after the election is over, and the confetti is swept away, all those promises fade from memory, and the lobbyists and the special interests move in, and people turn away, disappointed as before, left to struggle on their own,” then-Sen. Barack Obama said as he announced his intentions to pursue the Democratic nomination.’

Well, the election is over, but the promises still seem to be intact. Time will tell, but so far, I would consider the progress made a success.

Never Too Late

By: Michelle Morico

Many students are eager for their summer vacation to begin, but are not quite sure how they are going to spend all of this soon to be free time. Finding the perfect internship or job can be strenuous, but it definitely is not too late to try.

Many communication majors in their junior year have been looking for internships for the summer. Gerald McNulty, director of the Communication Internship Program, shares his advice. He said that summer internships are much harder to get than internships during the school year.

“It is a little bit complicated,” he said. “It is never too late to apply but summer is a very competitive time.”

McNulty said he stresses the importance of identifying your target. If you want to work for a magazine, identify what type, or if you want to work for broadcasting, identify your dream job. Putting yourself out there is very important.

If you are looking for a magazine internship, McNulty recommends going to the local bookstore and writing down names of editors at magazines that you would be interested in working for, and send off as many copies of your resume as you can. Marist Junior, Amelia Otte, has taken McNulty’s advice; she has landed herself a photography internship at Shape magazine for the summer.

“I am interning at Shape magazine in New York City three days a week, while commuting from Poughkeepsie,” she said. “For the other four days, I will be in Poughkeepsie working at Beach Body Tanning Salon, catering at Lola’s Café and Catering and waitressing at Coppola’s in Hyde Park.”

Otte is going on her third internship. She says they are not always easy to get, but never stops applying because it is hard to know when something will turn up. is an extremely helpful website,” she said. “Magazines post internships that they need filled and say exactly how to contact them. Usually you just send in your resume and cover letter.”

The only problem with this site is that many students recognize the ease with which they are able to apply for these internships, so they are often very competitive.

“I received an email two days ago from the people at Inside Edition looking for summer interns, but there is no way to know if other places are still looking for interns,” said McNulty.

Rob Fleming, Marist junior, just received an internship at Dia: Beacon, which is an art Gallery in Beacon, New York.

“I went in and applied,” said Fleming. “I guess they had just had to let someone go, so the timing ended up being perfect, I just started the other day.”  Timing proves to be an important factor in receiving the perfect job or internship.

“You always have to accept that there are exceptions,” he said. “Rules and deadlines do not always apply in the workforce.” McNulty said to send in your resume despite what the deadline says, because if the deadline passes and the employer does not have the perfect candidate yet, they are going to keep looking.

“Learn how to make yourself a good job candidate,” McNulty said. “The more practice you get, the more appealing you will be to employers.”

Op/Ed: Challenge Yourself This Summer

By Cynthia Dagenais

Wake up! Its 8:00 a.m. and I just accomplished wakeboarding for the first time before most people wake up in the summer.

"Wake up!" It's 8:00 a.m. and I just accomplished wakeboarding for the first time before most people wake up in the summer.

It’s the end of the spring semester and summer is just around the corner. When I ask classmates and peers what they have planned for the summer, they tell me that they do “the usual,” which made me wonder what exactly “the usual” is when it comes to summer plans.

The majority of Marist students come from the east coast states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Because of the geographical location of these states, access to a beach or lake can be reached by an hour-long car drive.  As soon as they get out of their car, they plop down on the sand and take a nap or try to obtain the perfect tan.

As relaxing as that sounds, going to the beach every weekend just to lay down for a few hours and then drive home can become boring and quite redundant very quickly.  While on your day trip, why not try something new?  It’s hot outside so why not cool down in the water and have some fun?

Some of the coolest summer activities are growing in popularity, and being a “beach bum” is no longer as appealing as it once appeared.  The summer season has so many options to offer the bored and lazy, and they just have to know where to look for something to do.  Get out of the air conditioning, get outside, and get wet!  This time of year is ideal to try a new sport and cool down at the same time!

Water sports are a popular way to have fun, cool down and even work out.  Some of the most popular ones to try are water skiing, wake boarding, and  slalom skiing.

Catch some waves instead of some rays this summer with water sports.  Instead of being a beach bum and taking a day-long siesta, get up and enjoy the day!  There are no excuses for being “bored” unless you have tried every activity there is to do on this fine planet we call Earth.  There are many things to try, and the possibilities are endless.

One sport that has been increasing in popularity since it had been invented in 1922 is water skiing.  A man from Minnesota named Ralph Samuelson built the first pair of water skis and was towed by a boat with an outboard motor.  Water skiing started as an exhibition sport in the 1920s and 1930s.  It became an official competitive sport when the American Water Ski Association was formed and hosted the first annual National Water Ski Championships at Jones Beach (Long Island, N.Y.).

Today there are roughly around 11 million recreational water skiers in the United States, according to USA Water Ski.  I am proud to be one of the many recreational skiers making wake in the fresh water of Lake Hopatcong, N.J.

I used to be a beach bum in the summer, but as much as I love reading and relaxing in the sun, I felt like trying something new while I had so much extra spare time on my hands.  I always acted as a spotter for my older brothers when they skied, so I wanted to try it out myself.  I fell in love with water skiing the first time I put on the skis and face-planted into a wave.

Trying something new in the summer is a great way to grow and challenge yourself when you aren’t challenging yourself with classwork during the school year.  If you have a boat, buy a tow rope with a handle intended for skiing and a set of skis at a specialty shop.  If you have never skied before, either find a friend to teach you or your best bet is to sign up for an introductory lesson.  Look online for an instructor located near you.  Or, if you want to completely immerse yourself into the sport, you can attend a camp specifically for waterskiing, such as Coble Waterski and Wakeboard Camp in Lillington, N.C.  The instructors of the lessons or camps can teach you how to position your body in the water and give you tips on how to get up.  Luckily I had my father explain the process so I didn’t need to pay for lessons.

The sport is pretty simple once you are able to stand up.  The hardest part of water skiing is planing off.  Sometimes your skis cross each other, or you fall backwards the first few times, but I accomplished skiing without lessons through my own trial-and-error. Once you get up, the challenge and the thrill of the sport is balancing on a surface that is as slippery as ice.  If you master two skis, you can try to do some stunts or challenge yourself by trying a different type of board, such as wake boarding or slalom skiing.

In slalom skiing, the skier uses one ski and stands straight forward with one foot in front of the other.  Wakeboarding involves riding the wide wakeboard sideways similar to a snowboard, but on water that is not frozen.  Last summer I learned how to wakeboard and found it much easier to plane off because I learned on skis.  Regular skis can cause your legs to go in different directions, but a wakeboard keeps your legs straight.

This slalom skier is maneuvering an obstacle course.

This slalom skier is maneuvering an obstacle course.

I plan on trying my hands at slalom skiing this summer.  It is my challenge that I have placed before me to get active and to attain a goal before I return back to school in the fall.  What will you accomplish this summer?

Challenge yourself in some way this summer, whether it is through water sports or another similar activity.  You will make new memories, pick up a new hobby, and you won’t be bored.  Besides, when your friends ask you what you did for the summer, you can say that you picked up a new talent instead of saying that you spent the entire time sleeping.  Who wants to hear how bored you are in the summer anyway? How boring.

Editor’s Note

We made it! This week is the last issue of The River Reporter and the stories were better than ever. There is an editorial on domestic violence, as well as an article on seniors mixed feelings as their last few weeks at college come to an end.  With the swine flu epidemic sweeping the country, what does it mean for our community? One of our reporters checked it out. Speaking of our country, with the recession we are in, is cheap now trendy? Also be sure to check out the student-teacher profile of Tim Wall a student at Marist who has anything but a normal routine compared to most college kids. All in all it has been a successful semester of reporting with lots of interesting topics cropping up, thanks for reading!

-Amanda Lavergne

Domestic violence: Growing health concern

By: Jessica Turgeon

rihanna-batteredSoon after their no-show at the Grammy Awards, tabloids heard of Chris Brown’s violent attack on his now ex-girlfriend Rihanna. The couple is said to have gotten in an argument in the car, where Brown allegedly hit Rihanna multiple times in the head. With bruises all over her face and a split lip, Rihanna became a victim of domestic violence.

Domestic violence refers to a family member, intimate partner or ex-partner being physically or psychologically dominated or violated by another. It can occur between spouses or cohabitants. Anyone can be affected by domestic violence, both men and women, and people of any culture. Clearly celebrities are no exception.

There are many forms of domestic violence, including, but not limited to, physical violence, sexual or emotional abuse, intimidation, stalking, economic deprivation, and threats. According to the Centers for Disease Control, domestic violence has affected more than 32 million Americans, which is over 10% of the US population. This is a growing health concern.

Though it can affect both men and women, the emphasis of victimization has been focused on women in the past. Of course it is a stereotype that men would be the abusers, but the statistics show that the majority of cases have female victims. This is not always the case, though.

Domestic violence more often than not happens in couples, married or not. The Bureau of Justices Statistics states that in the United States, women are about six times as likely as men to experience intimate partner violence.

It is not uncommon that women in lesbian relationships experience domestic violence as well. _domestic_violence

What happened to the stereotypical fairy-tale world that our parents told us about when we were young? All little girls would grow up to marry a wonderful man who would sweep her off her feet and make her very happy forever and ever.

Unfortunately, not everybody experiences that happiness. One day everything is okay and the relationship is going fine, and the next an argument breaks out. Before you know it, there is a fight going on and punches start flying.

What causes someone to be so violent towards someone they love? It has to be more than just sudden anger. Some theories hold that there are underlying psychological causes of domestic violence such as childhood abuse, personality disorders, low self-esteem or even stress.

Instituting violence over another person, especially when it is someone you are in a relationship with, is about taking control and having power over that person. Clearly people feel the need to take control of others when they don’t have control over themselves. If not physical violence, the attacker will use emotional violence such as humiliation, intimidation, threats, isolation and neglect; anything to make the victim feel ashamed and worthless.

In reality, who is worthless is any man, or woman for that matter, who could harm anyone that they claim to love.