Never Too Late

By: Michelle Morico

Many students are eager for their summer vacation to begin, but are not quite sure how they are going to spend all of this soon to be free time. Finding the perfect internship or job can be strenuous, but it definitely is not too late to try.

Many communication majors in their junior year have been looking for internships for the summer. Gerald McNulty, director of the Communication Internship Program, shares his advice. He said that summer internships are much harder to get than internships during the school year.

“It is a little bit complicated,” he said. “It is never too late to apply but summer is a very competitive time.”

McNulty said he stresses the importance of identifying your target. If you want to work for a magazine, identify what type, or if you want to work for broadcasting, identify your dream job. Putting yourself out there is very important.

If you are looking for a magazine internship, McNulty recommends going to the local bookstore and writing down names of editors at magazines that you would be interested in working for, and send off as many copies of your resume as you can. Marist Junior, Amelia Otte, has taken McNulty’s advice; she has landed herself a photography internship at Shape magazine for the summer.

“I am interning at Shape magazine in New York City three days a week, while commuting from Poughkeepsie,” she said. “For the other four days, I will be in Poughkeepsie working at Beach Body Tanning Salon, catering at Lola’s Café and Catering and waitressing at Coppola’s in Hyde Park.”

Otte is going on her third internship. She says they are not always easy to get, but never stops applying because it is hard to know when something will turn up. is an extremely helpful website,” she said. “Magazines post internships that they need filled and say exactly how to contact them. Usually you just send in your resume and cover letter.”

The only problem with this site is that many students recognize the ease with which they are able to apply for these internships, so they are often very competitive.

“I received an email two days ago from the people at Inside Edition looking for summer interns, but there is no way to know if other places are still looking for interns,” said McNulty.

Rob Fleming, Marist junior, just received an internship at Dia: Beacon, which is an art Gallery in Beacon, New York.

“I went in and applied,” said Fleming. “I guess they had just had to let someone go, so the timing ended up being perfect, I just started the other day.”  Timing proves to be an important factor in receiving the perfect job or internship.

“You always have to accept that there are exceptions,” he said. “Rules and deadlines do not always apply in the workforce.” McNulty said to send in your resume despite what the deadline says, because if the deadline passes and the employer does not have the perfect candidate yet, they are going to keep looking.

“Learn how to make yourself a good job candidate,” McNulty said. “The more practice you get, the more appealing you will be to employers.”

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