A Day in the Life of an ESPN Anchor

By: Matt Pugliese


Who would have ever thought that one of the biggest names in the sports industry would call the state of Connecticut home. ESPN is the center of the sports world. Many people want to work for ESPN and it is becoming one of the hardest places to find work. One person however, is a main part of what ESPN does and you can see him on ESPNEWS. His name is J.W. Stewart. I got to spend a day in the life of a real sports anchor, a Marist College alum, and got to see what an anchor does to get ready for the air.

As we enter the ESPN headquarters we go right to J.W. Stewart’s desk. Anchors such as Scott Van Pelt, John Anderson, jw2and others are all around doing work. So we begin to work. Every day, J.W. comes in and gathers information so that he can write about what he is going to talk about on ESPNEWS. He has me do some research on the previous day’s sports stats. J.W. has to find all the information, and write what he is going to say all in a short amount of time.

After doing hours and hours of work, we took a lunch break. We went to the ESPN cafeteria and just talked about what people need to do to get into this field and fulfill their dreams of working at ESPN.

J.W. said, “If you, or anybody else wants to work here they need to get involved. If your in school, work for the newspaper, or work for the TV station at Marist. I got involved in the TV and paper aspects of journalism and I worked my hardest to get recognized. It’s also good to have when you’re applying for jobs. It’s good because the company, if is ESPN, will see that you have experience in that field. In my opinion I would say that you need to work hard and do whatever it takes to achieve that ultimate goal.”

We then went back to work, and as he was getting ready to go on the air, I was still gathering stats, mainly focusing on the 2009 NFL Draft and seeing what teams picked what players. I would type up the team and the player they chose, and then give a little comment on that player.

After J.W. got all dressed and went to make-up it was show time. As I watch from a different room, I look around and see how chaotic it actually is.

Stewart said, ” One of the hardest parts is when you have people talking into your ear while you are doing a highlight. It can get confusing, but you ultimately get used to it.”

After watching the show, this is a harder job than people think. It takes a lot of dedication and a lot of time. You need to love this job because it takes a lot of time away from friends and family.

“You are not going to start off being the top anchor of ESPN. You need to work your way up and be patient. Things will get better. You need to work hard and just show people that you are dedicated and you really want it,” Stewart said.

Everybody at ESPN seems to be happy and enjoy his or her job.

“This is a great place to work. I love every minute of it, and I want to stay here for a long time,” Stewart said. “ESPN is the sports mecca of jobs and I look forward to see a new generation of students here in the near future.”

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