The Student Guide to Eating in Po-Town

By: Jessica Turgeon

Hard working college students work up quite an appetite, and for some the Marist College dining hall does not always suffice. Fortunately, there are many great restaurants in the Poughkeepsie area to satisfy those hunger needs. Route 9 offers a variety of restaurant styles: diners, sit-down restaurants, or fast food.

If you are in the mood for some Japanese or Thai cuisine, check out Osho: Japanese Steak House. Choose from Thai specialty meals, Japanese sushi, or a variety of Hibachi meals. No matter what you choose, you will never leave hungry.

A more traditional trip might be to the Palace Diner, located right across the street from the Marist campus. With cheap but tasty food and patient and nice workers, Palace is another good choice.

Other restaurant favorites for Marist Students include Applebee’s, Olive Garden, and Red Robin. Most of the time, students would prefer to go off campus to eat somewhere rather than eat in the dining hall.

“I’d rather go out to eat,” said Ana Cabrera, a student at Marist. “It’s more money but the food and atmosphere is better. There are no flies, more food selections and it’s definitely more aesthetically pleasing.” redrobin

According to Jaclyn Fitzgerald, also a sophomore at Marist, the perfect dining out experience includes a friendly environment, a variety of food, a fun atmosphere and reasonable prices.

Her favorite restaurants in the Poughkeepsie area include Red Robin, Applebee’s, Cosimos and Olive Garden. As a student living in Midrise who eats in the dining hall on a regular basis, Fitzgerald would rather eat out “because it is nice to get off campus sometimes.”

To junior Amanda Weinhold, a perfect dinner out is a bit more extensive. “I would go with something ethnic with a few close friends,” Weinhold said. “Something that is beautifully decorated like an Indian restaurant with full saris on the wall and gold accents.”

Many students who don’t have cars find it difficult to get off campus often to eat, so they just eat in the dining hall. According to Weinhold, “it’s decent.” Though she lives across campus and does not eat in the dining hall as much anymore, she said “it’s definitely not as bad as people presume. And it’s convenient and they give plenty of choices.”

Megan Frey, a senior here at Marist, misses the cafeteria, but also enjoys going out to eat with her friends. It is always nice to enjoy the beautiful weather, she says, and spend time with friends. “Having a car and going out is a nice getaway from school. My friends and I really enjoy going out to eat once or twice a week.”


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