Urinetown hits the stage as MCCTA’s spring musical

By: Jessica Turgeon

Chris Traina as Bobby Strong and cast in "Run Freedom, Run!"

Chris Traina as Bobby Strong and cast in "Run Freedom, Run!"

The curtain opened to reveal Public Amenity #9, a public restroom that has become something of a home to those poor folks who must pay to pee. They don’t want to end up in Urinetown; the place, not the musical.

Urinetown the Musical is a satirical comedy about a water shortage and a tax on public restrooms involving capitalism, politics, corporate mismanagement and other parodies.

Put on by Marist College Council on Theatre Arts (MCCTA), Urinetown the Musical opened this past weekend and ran from Thursday, April 2 to Sunday, April 5. The performances brought in just about a full house for almost every show.

Cladwell Staff in "Mr. Cladwell"

Cladwell Staff in "Mr. Cladwell"

“This was the most fun I’ve had doing a part,” said Matt Wolfe, a senior who played the role of Caldwell B. Cladwell for his last performance with MCCTA.  “Once you get past the intent of the character and all the work that goes into it, it was a lot of fun,” said Wolfe about his character.

Wolfe had a great learning experience with the director of the show, Beth, who is new to MCCTA and the Marist stage. Wolfe has worked with the same director for most of his musicals at Marist, so this was a new experience. Beth pushed him very far and taught him to “look deep into his character”.

The plot of the story takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster, never knowing where it is going to stop.

However, the uplifting comedic relief of each character substitutes for the lack of a happy ending. After all, it’s a privilege to pee.

Old Man Strong in "Privilege to Pee"

Old Man Strong in "Privilege to Pee"

“Can we do a happy musical next time?” says the character of Little Sally to Officer Lockstock while he narrates to the audience that life is unsustainable and what was to be a happy ending shifts rather harshly.

The cast, however, enjoyed the show and the experience that they had with it. Never having been involved with MCCTA musicals, junior Nicole Madar was very entertained by the audience reaction to almost every line.

“My favorite part was Snuff that Girl because that was the moment where I really got to delve into my character and test my limits with it,” said Madar, who played Little Becky Two-Shoes, a poor pregnant woman with a twitch.

Wolfe enjoyed the musical numbers because he was able to showcase unique singing styles, hit some high notes and be funny.  “It left nothing to be desired,” he said.

As MCCTA’s spring musical, Urinetown served as the last show for many graduating seniors. “You can see by my tears how I feel,” said Caryn Shatraw, who played the character of Hope Cladwell.

“I really couldn’t have asked for a better last show,” said Wolfe.


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