Video Chat: The Key for Long-Distance Relationships?

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

By: Stephanie Espina

Maintaining relationships often proves to be a not-so-easy task, especially when you are deprived of actually seeing your significant other in his or her flesh and blood.

Most people avoid long distance relationships like the plague and firmly believe that eventually, it will not end up working out. Thanks to the advances made in real time video technology, couples are able to condense long distances and communicate through the Internet using various video software including Skype, which provides free online calls, video chats and instant messaging, iChat, which is a software component of Apple Mac computers, integrating real time video chat into instant messaging software.

“I thought that I would ever be able to keep up my relationship with Jason,” said 22-year-old Kara Pirozzi of Long Island University. “We Skype all the time and it gives you the sense that you are with one another because unlike chatting or sending an e-mail, you can see their reactions, hear their voice and literally show them everyday things you would want to normally share with them.”

Pirozzi has been dating Jason Fema, 25, for a year and seven months crediting a mutual friend for setting them up at a wedding. Fema resides and works full-time in San Francisco, California.

“I went to California to visit him for a week, and by the time I had to go back home, we both knew that we wanted to take the next step and continue seeing each other,” said Pirozzi. “I think we were both at a point in our lives where we were ready to settle down.”

With graduation around the corner, Pirozzi says as much as the Internet has helped her relationship, she would like to see him in “flesh and bone” as much as possible.

“A huge part of me is always yearning to see him and I think that as great as technology is, it really can’t replace human affection,” says Pirozzi. “I would recommend video-chat programs, sure, but that can only last so long.”

Pirozzi’s future plans include relocating to San Francisco to pursue a full-time job, and move in with Fema. After her graduation from Long Island University, Pirozzi will also be graduating from the online world of video chatting.

“I can’t wait to start this new chapter in our lives, and I can’t wait to not have to rely on a computer to see the one person I want to see the most.”


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