Editor’s Note

The River Reporter staff was busy this week trying to finish their stories before going home for Easter Break. The staff started off by covering the mischievous computer virus, the Conflicker worm. This issue then branched into talking about the big sporting event of the weekend the Men’s NCAA Championship game. The issue included an article previewing the event and one giving a post game of the championship. Along with these stories the issue included a press release detailing Marist’s new MBA certificate program. The River reporter also touched on the economy, featuring a story about the increase in shoplifting and another relating the Ellen DeGeneres show to Marist Students reaching out to the community. Also read about Marist Student’s traveled to Mexico despite the drug war that has engulfed the country. If one of your loved ones traveled to Mexico you can learn how to keep in touch with them this week though an article on the use of video chatting in long term relationships. This week the River Reporters broadened their horizon and profiled many of the influential and intriguing figures around campus. One such figure is Cassandra Gilday, who became the first female ROTC cadet at Marist. The River Reporter also covered Bobbi Sue Gibbons a Marist graduate who left her job with the New England Patriots to come back to Marist. Another Article spotlights Tim Massie Marist Chief Public Affairs Officer who has been with the college for 15 years. This ends a great week for the River Reporter staff starting the home stretch on a high note!

Dan Kopf & Lydia Charney


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