Eat Like a King, Pay Like a Pauper


By Sara Shea


With prices this low anyone can enjoy a three course meal as a mid-week treat.

With prices this low anyone can enjoy a three course meal as a mid-week treat.



Frugal? Fear Not! The Culinary Institute of America is offering three course fixed-price meals for under $30 now through April 30th.  Located just three miles from Marist College, the CIA is a great place to splurge if you’re in the mood to spoil your taste buds.

New low priced specials are being offered in an effort to attract customers during slow economic times. Lunch specials are changed daily and start as low as $19.95. Three course dinners are served with coffee, tea, or wine – an absolute steal at $29.95.

“The low prices are definitely drawing in crowds,” said Cindy Stauffer, the receptionist at the reservation desk at the CIA. “Eating out is one of the first things people try to cut back on to save money. The fixed price specials were a great idea.”

These low priced specials are offered in all four of the CIA’s award winning restaurants. So whether you’re in the mood for American, French, or Italian even the pickiest eater is bound to find something they will enjoy.

“I first went to the CIA last year as a freshman during parents weekend,” Marist sophomore Leslie Hurd said. “My boyfriend took me to dinner last month and it was even better than I’d remembered.”

The low fixed price specials are offered Monday through Friday by reservation. After savoring a delicious three-course meal, make sure to check out the CIA’s Apple Pie Bakery Café for some gourmet sweets.

“I’m usually pretty picky so whenever I go [to the CIA] with my family I play it safe and make them go to the American restaurant,” Marist sophomore Marissa Conroy said. “But seeing as it was only $20 I thought I’d be adventurous and try the Escoffier Restaurant for lunch. It was my first experience with French food, and I have to say, I didn’t hate it.”

The students at the Culinary Institute prepare the food in all four restaurants as well as bus the tables and seat the guests. Proceeds from the restaurants support the school and the students. So not only are the fixed price meals cheap, the proceeds are helping a worthy cause.


To make reservations by phone call 845-471-6608.

Menus vary so be sure to call ahead for details.


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