Political Activism Encouraged by the Many Tweeters

By: Caitlin Nolan

Twitter has become one of the newest phenomena to enter the lives of people world- wide and such an advance in technology has bled into the political aspects of life as well. According to an article found on CNN.com,  Twitter has become a site in which protestors and activists follow each other’s moves, allowing for a more organized movement.

Clay Shirky, author of “Here Comes Everybody” and an expert on the social and economic effects of Internet

Twitter is the latest and greatest form of communication and many are utilizing it for reasons political and social.

Twitter is the latest and greatest form of communication and many are utilizing it for reasons political and social.

technologies told CNN, “[Protesters] have made it impossible for the defenders to adopt a cut-off-the-head-and-the-body-will-die strategy. [Technology] has made the idea of a frontline of protests almost completely amorphous.”

Many still use this site for simple networking among friends and colleagues. Such users know what benefits Twitter holds, but keep mind of the fact that words on paper can come back to haunt you.

“You can use Twitter for any purpose you want,” Chris Morris said, a senior at Marist College. The business marketing major and psychology minor is well aware of the ramifications one misstep in the information put out on the web can lead to.

“That’s part of the agreement of posting anything on the internet,” Morris said.

Many students campus wide feel that the connection a person can make to their local politician or congressperson on twitter is unlike any other instant connection.

“Twitter is a great tool to use for political activism because you can constantly update and send your supporters at that time,” Danny Jagoda said.“Twitter makes it 24/7.”

James Curran, Director of Networking at Marist College, also feels that Twitter is something worth utilizing. “I think its genius to utilize such a system to reach out to your followers,” Curran said. “I don’t want people to follow me, but I understand the appeals.”

As for the concerns of many in regards to a possible “big brother” scenario, time will tell. The fact still remains that like every other new and improved outlet of communication, many jump on the band wagon quickly and only after realize what can truly come about by being part of the community.

“It is part of that next wave of technologies,” Morris said. Anything you put there has the possibility of being found, but that’s the point of them- it’s huge because of what it does.”


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