The Little Mermaid becomes part of our world on Broadway

By: Jessica Turgeon

From video to the stage, the Little Mermaid has warmed the hearts of so many.

From little girls who still dream of being Disney princesses, to college students, or adults who just love the story and love the theatre, The Little Mermaid is a great experience.

The show opened in January 2008 and is playing at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. The show is currently starring actors such as Sierra Boggess (Ariel), Heidi Blickenstaff (Ursula), Sean Palmer (Prince Eric), and Norm Lewis (King Triton).

Ariel and Prince Eric. Courtesy of

Sierra Boggess as Ariel and Sean Palmer as Prince Eric. Courtesy of

The talented cast combined with the creative set made for a show that truly led you to believe you were underwater.

“I liked the transition between underwater and the surface,” said Cynthia Dagenais, a Marist student who attended the performance. “The part where Eric was drowning was done really well because they lifted the ship up and used some cool lighting to give the illusion that he is going underwater.”

The lighting also helped to compliment the tone and setting of the scenes, such as the dark and eerie lighting of Ursula’s lair compared to Triton’s kingdom which was light and colorful.

According to, the show had a big budget for their high-tech sets, costumes, and extravagant scenery.

“I liked the costumes because they were very detailed. I liked how the mermaids were still able to move even though they had tails,” said Dagenais.

The use of the recent shoe fad, “heelys”, to add to the image of fish and mermaids swimming underwater was very creative on the choreographer’s part. Choreographer Stephen Mear collaborated with Heelys, Inc. to design dance shoes with wheels in the heel to make for easy dancing and gliding for the actors.

Ariel with her dinglehopper. Courtesey of

Sierra Boggess as Ariel with her dinglehopper. Courtesey of

In an interview with Business Wire in Dallas, Stephen Mear said, “Heelys are the perfect vehicle for dancers who need to move fluidly and freely through our world under the sea while executing dance steps on the traditional Broadway stage.”

No matter how old you are, everyone can relate to The Little Mermaid. It is a touching love story about an independent dreamer finding true

love and getting her wish.

“My favorite part was ‘Kiss the Girl’ because it basically describes every shy guy’s dilemma with girls,” said Matt Lubrano, a sophomore who went on the trip.

“It was a very enjoyable show for everyone,” Lubrano said. “Whether you live on land or swim in the sea, Little Mermaid is an experience of a lifetime.”


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