Marist College Joins the Green Revolution

By: Daniel Kopf

Marist College took the next step towards its goal of having an environmentally conscious campus last month when they announced their plans to implement a self sustainable house in Foy next year. This house is part of the theme housing across campus and will group people together that want to live in an environmentally conscious house.

Seniors, juniors and sophomores are eligible to live in the house, upon request and submission of an essay. According to the co-chair of the Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee Steve Sansola, the essay must include your reasons for wanting to live in the house.

Marist College

Marist College

According to Sansola, the students will do anything they can to minimize their carbon footprint including using reusable bags while food shopping, using minimal electricity and by practicing water saving techniques.

Foy is the first in many planned self sustained buildings. The New Hancock Center which will open in fall of 2010 is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Compliant, an accolade given out by the United State s Green Building Council, to recognize environmentally friendly buildings.

Self sustainable buildings are just one of the steps Marist has taken towards furthering their environmental awareness. The creation of these buildings was headed by the Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee, which was created in 2007 by Dean Murray in an effort to create a greener campus.

Marist is also trying to reduce their strain on the environment through other means. The Information Technology department has made the change from regular ink cartridges to soy ink cartridges, reducing the amount of waste put into the environment. Campus Dining is contributing to Marist’s green revolution by offering zero waste catering which deposits the waste in compost piles.

These recent efforts to “go green” have been noticed by the Marist community.

“I think it’s great that we are going green,” Sophomore Patrick Dillion said. “It’s good to use recyclables especially in this time of global warming.”

Despite Marist’s recent efforts, some students feel that Marist should have started a green revolution earlier.

“Marist should have started sooner. They just built all this new housing and none of it was environmentally friendly, it was a waste,” Sophomore Dana Nichols said.

Others feel now was the perfect time to start.

“Right now it’s a perfect storm of higher costs and a shortage of energy,” said Sansola. “We are also more aware of eco-destruction. In many ways I think people have begun to change their lifestyle more and more since the fall of the economy.”

Despite their difference in opinion, they both acknowledge the importance going green has.

“It’s important to live this way so we can leave Planet Earth for those who follow us,” Sansola said.


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