Scholarship Opportunities Undergrad and Post-Grad

By: Michelle Morico

“Learn a foreign language…get abroad, get yourself off campus and into the streets at Marist and do some community service,” Pat Taylor, graduate school and fellowship advisor, said. “Where do you want to go, and how do you want to change the world?” These are the first steps to landing a scholarship or a fellowship.

Students who study abroad often say it was the best time of their lives; why not have this opportunity again? After graduation, many students want to continue studying abroad, but the funds are not always available. There are many scholarships that students can apply for nationwide that allow them to study, research or teach abroad after graduation or during their undergraduate study.

“I have never had a room this full,” Taylor said at her information session in the President’s Dining Room on Wednesday, March 11. The room was crowded with students. Taylor said that this was the biggest audience she had ever had for an informational speech like this one. Elaborate buffet tables were set up on either side of the room, providing lunch for the attendees.

“I work with students one-on-one. The students change as I work with them,” Taylor said. “That’s what makes my job so rewarding.”

Taylor works at the Center for Career Services in helping students get these scholarships, grants, and fellowships. She stressed the importance of arranging a meeting with her as soon as possible if a student is interested because it is a long process.

“The application process is worthwhile,” Taylor said. This process is an intense one though, Taylor said that she suggests starting as soon as possible on any application in order to a lot the proper amount of time for drafting and redrafting.

These scholarships are “not from the office of student financial services,” Taylor said. They are competitive and nation-wide, having nothing to do with Marist College.

At the event, Taylor provided an eight page packet breaking down the details for each available scholarship.

A proud Marshall Scholar at Ohio University

A proud Marshall Scholar at Ohio University

“The Marshall is my favorite,” Taylor said. The Marshall Scholarship which funds 2-3 years of advanced studies in any chosen field at any British institution of higher education. The Marshall requires a 3.7 GPA, and a significant reason for wanting to study in the United Kingdom.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is one of the most well known and desired programs. It is highly competitive and requires a student to do a research project that is pertinent to an issue in a country where it would be impossible for research to be completed elsewhere. This scholarship also offers English Teaching Assistantships which allow students to teach English to primary, secondary, or university students.

Fulbright Scholarship information.

Fulbright Scholarship information.

Taylor said she loves Fulbrights because only very exceptional students with passionate goals will ever receive one.

“If you’re out doing things for the environment, you have to apply for the Udall,” Taylor said. This scholarship is looking for activists, and is much less competitive in regards to GPA.

There are numerous other scholarships that can be found on the Marist website. Taylor encourages kids to get out there and start applying; even freshman can make appointments to meet with her. She loves to help students get these scholarships and fellowships, and wants to see students succeed.

“If you don’t apply for any of these things, you are not going to get any of these things,” Taylor said.


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