Stephen Lynch Returns!

By Emily Dalrymple

Stephen Lynch is returning to Poughkeepsie, NY on April 17. He will be performing at the Bardavon Opera House with the Three Balloons Tour. He is promoting the release of his new comedy album “3 Balloons.” Lynch performed at Marist College in 2003.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

According to, Lynch is “a musician trapped in the body of a comedian.” Lynch blends music with comedy, playing the guitar as he sings about future dead grandparents (inheritance money!), drugs, or ridiculous breakups.

Mike Strong, a Marist graduate, actually introduced Lynch on the night of his Marist performance.

“He was really low maintenance, walked in carrying his guitar, and just hung out while we were setting up the McCann Gym,” said Strong.

Laura Monroe, also a Marist graduate, was pleasantly surprised with Lynch’s act in 2003.

“I remember laughing until I cried, to be honest,” said Monroe. “He was totally offensive, crude, and filthy, just what every college kid needs to unwind on a Friday night.”

The tour is being presented by Comedy Central who is renting the Bardavon for the night. Lynch has performed three Comedy Central Specials. His first special is one of the highest rated specials in Comedy Central history.

Strong appreciates Lynch’s humor.  “I personally thought at the time, and still think he is hilarious,” said Strong. “I think he has a great knack for not always picking the obvious route for a joke.”

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

In 2006, Lynch appeared as the lead character, Robbie Hart, in the Broadway rendition of The Wedding Singer. He was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor.

Lynch also likes to use the audience for ideas. “It was packed and people were really excited and very responsive: laughing, yelling, and offering ideas when he asked for them,” said Monroe of his 2003 performance.

The Bardavon Opera House. Courtesy of

The Bardavon Opera House. Courtesy of

Tickets are currently on sale for $29.50 for all seats. The Bardavon seats 2,000 people. Tickets will be expected to sell out if it is anything like his 2003 performance at Marist.

“I would absolutely see him again, even though it’s not necessarily the kind of act I’m normally interested in. I also remember that he did a long meet and greet after, and that people lingered forever,” said Monroe.

Stephen Lynch is not appropriate for all viewers.


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