Editor’s Note

As the snow melts and the sun begins to make a come back the journalists of the River Reporter are hard at work to keep the Marist community well informed. Take a break from studying to learn more about vegetarianism among college students or new HIV prevention for women. Not a health nut? Not a problem. Try reading a feature story about a Marist student who has studied abroad for five semesters in the Travel section. With spring break just around the corner, the River Reporter has plenty of travel ideas, including vacation hot spots and places to avoid. Didn’t have time to see the Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire? Read a review in the Arts & Culture section! The Education beat is teaming with breaking news stories. From a new CFO at Marist to President Obama’s proposal on student loans, the River Reporter’s got it covered. Do you think you are addicted to Facebook? Wait until you read about Twitter.com, a blog for your cell phone! If you have not been following Marist Basketball catch up on the stats in the Sports section. Know what’s going on in the world around you with the Science and Technology section. This week’s focus is on YouTube videos being used as evidence in court. Get updates on the “Prop. 8” debate in the Breaking News section. Though we will be taking a break this week, the River Reporter staff will be back and better than ever by the end of the month, with new stories being posted Monday March 23. Happy reading!

Sara Shea


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