Special Services Helps Students Succeed

By Amanda Lavergne

Image courtesy of campusexplorer.com.

Image courtesy of campusexplorer.com.

The Office of Special Services is located in Donnelly Hall and offers a multitude of programs.

Jean Vizvary, the Director of Special Services explains what exactly they offer to students with learning disabilities.

“The main thing that we offer is our learning disabilities program where students work one on one with a specialist,” said Vizvary. “They work together on organization skills, time management, and writing for any type of subject.”

Another program that they offer is note taking, which is when students who take notes in their class bring them to be photo-copied and they are then distributed to students who need them.

Aileen Stone who is in charge of every accommodation that a student needs, also figures out which students should participate in this program.

“When a request for a student to receive notes comes in, I then look at a class list and look at the student’s GPA’s,” said Stone. “I try to make sure that is a student on campus and that they are either located near Donnelly or have at least one class in this building.”

Vizvary commented on the note taking program adding that “it’s offered for students who have either a physical disability such as arthritis or carpel tunnel, or it may be mental such as they cannot focus on listening  and writing at the same time.”

Vizvary also stressed that they do encourage these students to still try and take notes and that it is meant to be a supplement.

Stone also mentioned that Special Services offers books on tape and she also will take books and make them into an MP3 file.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m running a recording studio back here,” Stone said.

Special Services offers other accommodations for students who might need to test in a quiet room or that might need an extended time period to take a test.

“Overall, this office has about 315 students a year who come through and need our help,” Vizvary said.


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