Spring Break! To Travel or Not to Travel

By Emily Dalrymple

Spring Break is less than a week away for Marist students and plans are being made for fun. Many students are planning to travel while a few are planning on relaxing at home. With the recent sliding scale of gas prices, students are traveling by plane, train, or other means.

According to an article from the New York Times by Clifford Krauss, gas prices are suddenly escalating again. Oil prices are up by more than 40 percent since December. Even with this unexpected shift, students are not feeling the pressure during their travels this spring.

Doug Falbourn, a Marist College senior, said that gas prices played a large role in his decision to travel.

“It was a large factor because it will be a long trip taking a lot of gas, and the prices are so much cheaper to drive than any other method of transportation,” said Faulborn.

Cindie Palumbo, also a Marist College senior, is happy to travel without driving.

San Francisco. Courtesy of norcalbuffs.com

San Francisco. Courtesy of norcalbuffs.com

“We knew we wanted to go somewhere that we didn’t need to rent a car, so that’s how we picked San Francisco,” said Palumbo.

Many students are traveling by plane to destinations such as San Francisco, London, and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Traveling to unknown places has also created feelings of uneasiness. Samantha Birse is traveling to Punta Cana next week.

“I’m a little nervous considering it’s in a place I don’t know, but I think if I stay on the resort and just hang out and relax it should be fine,” said Birse.

What about a student planning to travel to one of the most popular spring break destinations: Mexico? According to an article from Reuters by Michael O’Boyle, Mexico needs spring breakers to make their way to the travel destinations. Many fear making the trip after a reported 6,000 were killed in Mexico last year.

Casey Coughlin, a Marist College senior, is still planning on making the trip to Acapulco, Mexico.

Acapulco, Mexico. Courtesy of threebestbeaches.com

Acapulco, Mexico. Courtesy of threebestbeaches.com

“It would be a financial burden for my parents and it would not be worth it since I still want to go,” said Coughlin.

According to Orbitz.com, a plane ticket to Acapulco and hotel room can cost between $1,365 to $3,372 for a week for just one person. Cancelling this kind of trip will weight heavy in anyone’s pocket.

As for safety, Coughlin is prepared.

“I am going to do exactly what I do in Poughkeepsie and not get into strangers’ cars or talk to strangers,” said Coughlin. She also plans on only staying in Acapulco and not attempting to visit elsewhere.


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