MIPO Provides Valuable Information in a Time of Reflection

By: Caitlin Nolan

The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion (MIPO) has been regarded by respected media outlets such as Newsday as, “one of the most widely respected surveys…and a key player in shaping news coverage for a decade.”

The opinion of the public is very important when evaluating the success of a political figure. With almost 100 days of a new administration under America’s belt, such sources of feedback will be taken into account for an assessment of the new commander in chief.

Polls are centered around important issues in the coming months as Barack Obama attempts to turn country around. Courtesy of www.freshnews.in

Polls are centered around important issues in the coming months as Barack Obama attempts to turn country around. Courtesy of http://www.freshnews.in

“Recently our polls have been looking at President Obama’s approval rating and we will be focusing shortly on his first 100 days in office,” Dr. Lee Miringoff said in an e-mail correspondence, Director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion. “Also, prior to the election we conducted many national polls and polls of battleground states.”

Marist College employs student workers to administer state and nationwide polls as well as supervise and evaluate the competency of employees. Such thorough practices make for a very well- respected source of statistics.

“There is a variety of staff input when creating questions to ensure non-bias and consistency,” Miringoff said.
People have a right to express their opinion in any fashion they please, something not forgotten by those who call.

“You would be surprised at how much people care,” Kim Bennett, a supervisor at MIPO said. “Some people even call back when we leave messages on their answering machines. More people than you would expect.”

Maintaining that no one need worry about a bias amongst the results of the polls or the questions that led to the statistics themselves, Bennett said that under no circumstances can you lead a person to a specific response.

“Public opinion often experiences seemingly conflicted responses based on question wording,” Miringoff said of seemingly conflicted responses found in answers. “Its public opinion…some respondents are more informed than others. There are no requirements to offer an opinion.”

In the future, MIPO plans on continuing to tailor their surveys to information pertaining to current events, a facet of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion that has always earned the establishment much praise.

“This year there was an unusually high degree of interest in the presidential campaign, which tends to fall out after the election,” Miringoff said. “However, because of Obama and the economy there seems to be sustaining interest.”

For more information on MIPO, visit: http://www.maristpoll.marist.edu.


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