Editor’s Note

As March begins, the River Reporter staff find themselves busy avoiding the recent snow fall. Distractions are at hand. Learn about Hulu.com, the birth of online television in our Technology section. While you’re there, discover the Children’s Media Project. Determine what to give up for Lent and learn how to eat healthier through this time (and during breakfast!) in the Science and Health section. Check out the Sports section to learn about a day in the life of a college football player and how this snow will not stop their morning routine. Maybe shopping keeps your mind off the cold or you might just want to stay inside. Be aware of becoming a shopaholic or discover what is being done about the housing crisis in our country by reading the Money section. Stay warm by going out dancing on a Wednesday night with PoTown Swing or supporting local theatre on campus by reading the Arts and Culture section. Maybe you want to get away from this chilly campus in just three years. Learn where this option is becoming possible in the Education section. The River Reporter is doing their best to distract you from the cold and help you prepare for a pleasant spring to come!

Emily Dalrymple


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