Really A-Rod? Really?

By: Kevin Traynor

The first day of the Yankee’s spring training has become a day where the latest Yankee admits and apologizes for using performance enhancing drugs. Last year was Andy Pettitte’s turn. This year, it was A-Rod’s.

“I knew we weren’t taking Tic Tac’s,” said Rodriguez in his press conference in Tampa.

Rodriguez at Tampa press conference

Rodriguez at Tampa press conference

A-Rod admitted to using “Boli” from 2001-2003, which he also claimed his cousin purchased over-the-counter in the Dominican Republic.

However, in an interview for, Dr. Pia Veras who is an official for a pharmaceutical regulatory agency in the Dominican Republic said that Primobolan or “Boli” was not available during the period that A-Rod claims.

“It is important for us to clarify that such substance has not been registered and is not currently registered for legal sale in Dominican pharmacies—not now and the years 2001-2003,” Veras said.

Unlike Primobolan, a different steroid was available for purchase over-the-counter: Testosterone.

ESPN Deportes went on to identify Rodriguez’ cousin as Yuri Scurat. They called his residence, and his wife identified him as the man referred to as A-Rod’s cousin.


Angel Persinal

Angel Persinal

In addition to the Primobolan confusion, it was discovered that Rodriguez had been working out with Angel Persinal: a trainer from the Domincan Republic who was mentioned in the Mitchell Report for steroid connections, and banned from every Major League ball park in 2001.

According to ESPN, Persinal is connected with many Domincan baseball players including Francisco Cordero, Robinson Cano and David Ortiz.

“This place where he works out is a facility that’s like five minutes away from my house,” Ortiz said, according to the Boston Herald. “It’s like an Olympic place where everyone goes and hits, runs, gets all their work in. It’s like in the middle of everyone’s houses, so we all go down there and work out. He’s a good trainer. He’s the guy that teaches you how to train, how to get your body ready to go. Besides that, I have no idea about any of this.”

Persinal admitted to working out with A-Rod in accordance with the years in question.

A-Rod aimed to clear the air with his press conference, but in doing so has poked more holes in his story. Many fans still remain skeptical as a result.

“I love A-Rod, but he has to stop lying,” said Katie Melia who is a die-hard A-Rod supporter and Johns Hopkins student. “He would’ve been better off if he followed in Andy’s (Pettitte) footsteps, and told the whole truth. We probably would have forgiven him.”

But maybe A-Rod is right. Maybe we should just worry about his career from this day forward.



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