Editor’s Note

Farewell February.  This week’s edition of The River Reporter serves as a fortifying end to this month with a compilation of today’s news, and precedents to what’s to come in the near future.  The Politics section includes an extension of President Obama’s plans for the economy; ideas that extend beyond the borders of this country.  April Showers may bring May flowers, but after February’s snow comes baseball! The Sports section announces the beginning of the season as well as the most recent developments with A-Rod, or officially A-Roid as of late.  Are you a full blown participant of the Facebook phenomenon? Well you may want to review the terms and conditions policy as outlined in the technology section.  And if you don’t yet appreciate the importance of technology, maybe the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences can convince you -after all Oscar knows best.  Calling all penny pinchers:  check out the “Spring Broke” options offered in the travel section, or save those travel days and give your regards to Broadway, this time on a budget!  So as we begin to bridge the gap between winter and spring, keep reading and commenting, and we’ll keep writing- this River never runs dry!

Ashley Posimato

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