Broadway, The College Budget Way

By Emily Dalrymple

The Student Programming Council allows Marist students to experience Broadway at a rate they can afford.

This past Sunday, students met early in the morning to ride the bus to New York City to see Shrek the Musical

Photo courtesy of

Shrek the Musical. Photo by Joan Marcus. Courtesy of

for $25, a ticket that according to usually costs $164.51. A student’s ticket purchase covers bus travel and the show. A round-trip train ticket is around $26, show not included. There is also quite a bit of free time available for students once they enter the city.

Jesseca Carroll, SPC President said, “This year, we decided that every Broadway trip should leave campus at 9am, which gets us into the city around 11am.”

Most shows start at either two or three that afternoon so this schedule allows students to do as they please during their three hours of free time. A student can enjoy the city for a few hours, again at a discount price.

Cindie Palumbo, SPC Secretary said, “I’ve had time to go to a street fair a few blocks away, get some lunch, and get back to the theatre in plenty of time.”

The Little Mermaid. Photo by Joan Marcus. Courtesy of

The Little Mermaid. Photo by Joan Marcus. Courtesy of

SPC is also sponsoring trips to see The Lion King and The Little Mermaid this semester. Both of these shows take place in March. All trips are on Sundays this semester to allow students more free time. SPC will announce when tickets go on sale. They are available at the College Activities office and one should plan accordingly for long line of students who wait for these shows.

Students are also allowed to travel on their own. If a student is going home for the weekend or they would prefer to travel by their own means, SPC allows them to do so. “When going on an SPC sponsored trip that involves a bus ride, there is a form a student can sign to opt out of the bus,” said Carroll.

The Lion King. Photo by Joan Marcus. Courtesy of

The Lion King. Photo by Joan Marcus. Courtesy of

SPC will also be sponsoring a trip for a New York Knick’s basketball game on April 4, as well as a Six Flags trip towards the end of the semester. These trips are generally conducted in the same manner as a Broadway trip, allowing students to have free time to enjoy themselves as they please.

Carroll said, “I would say that it is the only time in your life that you will be able to participate in such amazing events at such an inexpensive price and students should take advantage of it while they can.”

“Its $25 for great seats and round trip transportation, you are never going to get such a great deal ever again so you might as well go for it,” said Palumbo.

Past Broadway trips have included Wicked, Rent, In the Heights, and Spring Awakening. Take advantage of these trips while you are a college student. It is well worth the money to see a Broadway show and spend time seeing the city.


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