Food for Thought, Or in This Case Gifts!

By Ashley Posimato

Freshly blooming romance?  Long time lovers?  There is one day (and one day only) where any age-determined label attributed to your relationship suddenly becomes insignificant.  For all people, in all stages of the game, the mere mention of this date evokes an array of emotions.  Valentine’s Day is happy and sad, it’s special and depressing, it’s a moment to celebrate and a moment to mourn; a day that in one way or another challenges us to feel.

But long before the various effects of this holiday are determined, there is one preparatory question penetrating the minds of romantics everywhere: What in the world do I buy?

Because on this very important day, gifts are not only symbols of affection- they’re deal breakers. And for college kids who have been struggling financially long before the economy dipped so low, finding the perfect gift is not an easy task.

However some of the ladies at Marist College seemed to have cooked up some good ideas.  Davia Spado and Courtney Miskel, both juniors at Marist College, say that although it is easy to fall victim to the commercialized prices of the holiday, just a little thought and a lot of sugar can make this special night extra sweet without the extra spending.

“My boyfriend was coming all the way from home to see me,” Miskel said. “To show my appreciation, I made a red velvet layer cake.  It took me nearly three hours but it was something we enjoyed together and what’s better than that?”

Spado, after hearing of her friend’s idea, decided to do something similar for her special someone.

“Courtney’s decision to bake was inspiring,” Spado said. “So rather than spend money to show my affection, I showed him through my hard work.  I made bread pudding for the first time, and I have to say I was just as pleased as he was!”

And these two couples were not the only ones putting on their aprons and heating up the kitchen.

Bethanne Tantillo and Justin Sous, also juniors at Marist College, have been dating for over a year and agreed to rely on their creativity, and a well-equipped kitchen, to make their night successful.

“I just spent so much money on him for Christmas and I couldn’t do it again,”  Tantillo said.  “So I called his mom and got the recipe for his favorite dinner…he loved it!”

Dining-in saved them the aggravation of an inflated check for a (mediocre at best) pre-fixed menu they would have been forced to order from; staying home allowed them to work together and really enjoy each other.


Cooking from the heart. Photo: Heliotrop3

“She told me what I needed to get, where I had to put it, and then corrected me when I did it wrong,” Sous said. “We did more laughing around the kitchen, and had a much better meal then any over priced restaurant.”

These two young lovers  prove that budgeted romance is not only doable- it’s fun!

“Justin is always so good to me,” Tanillo said, “I was happy to do something nice for him.”

“Now I know two important things” Sous said. “One, that amount of money you spend doesn’t matter[…]and two, that my girl can cook!”

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