Internships Not Quite Feeling Affect of Economy Yet

By Emily Dalrymple

With the recent state of the economy, one might think that traveling for an internship would be out of the question. So far this isn’t true for Marist College.

With 88 students enrolled in internships this spring as compared to last spring’s enrollment of 83, approximately 50% are making their way to the city every week. Daily costs including travel (generally by train or car), food, and other items of interest can range between 30 to 50 dollars. So far students are still willing to make this investment to intern at

MSG. Courtesy of

big name businesses in the city. These include Madison Square Garden, CNN, MTV, NBC, and Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine.

MSG. Courtesy of

Even with these high numbers, internship director and professor Gerald McNulty predicts a decrease in the next year or two to come. “It would not surprise me if in the near future, you know perhaps as early as next fall or next spring that we see a bit of a decline in those New York City numbers, but we haven’t so far.”

If you are not looking to travel, there are plenty of internships available on campus including those in career service doing public relations work, the athletic department, and the advancement office raising money for the campus. There are also several not-for-profit organizations providing internships to students. These include St. Francis Hospital, the American Red Cross, and the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum.

The American Red Cross Logo. Courtesy of

The American Red Cross Logo. Courtesy of

While the numbers are still quite high at Marist College, the economy could present difficulty for students.

“It is possible that the economy will show some type of decline in internship activity,” said McNulty. “I would hope not because students really do need to do these internships for their own education and also as a way to network, to meet people.”

In regards to summer internships, there was actually a decrease in this past summer’s numbers. In 2007, 55 students did summer internships as compared to only 37 in 2008. McNulty said that there hasn’t been word going around about financial issues which would force students to try to intern close to home during the summer.

For students planning on interning in the future, it is recommending to start applying about three months ahead of time. Get your applications and resumes out there and don’t expect an internship to come easily.

To read more about the communications department’s internship program, check out

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