Student Programming Council holds Open Mic Night to support Sustainability Day

By: Jessica Turgeon

Singing, songwriting, rapping, and guitar playing. The month of February brought one of Student Programming Council’s more popular events, Open Mic Night. Student performers were able to showcase their talent while others enjoy their presentations. Thursday, February 5th brought songs of love and life, both comedic and romantic. Performers such as Matt Lubrano, Vinnie Pagano, Melissa Drespel, Freddy Garcia, Cynthia Dagenais, Cara Domings, and more brought their guitars and their songs to share with a full house of Marist Students.

Freddie Garcia, rapper

Freddy Garcia, rapper

Many brought original songs, such as Dagenais, Pagano, and Domings, while others covered songs from today’s popular artists. The performers were asked to “think green” with their acts, due to Sustainability Day. “We were asked by Steve Sansola to put on an open mic-type event to cap off the sustainability day,” said Laura Veltre, board member of the Student Programming Council. “Acts were asked to perform about ‘sustainable’ topics but any talent was welcome.”

This year, Marist set a goal of teaching students about sustainability, and in doing so, planned a full day of events, such as videos, lectures, educational displays, books, and the open mic night. The student center was full of events on February 5th to help students expand their knowledge on keeping the earth green and it was all very informal for the Marist population, both students and professors alike.

The idea of Sustainability Day inspired a cover of John Mayer’s “Say” by Matt Lubrano, called “Save the Earth Today”, with lyrics like “throw out all your plastic bottles…” This song received great appreciation from the audience.

Vinnie Pagano, original comedic artist

Vinnie Pagano, original comedic artist

The set of the show had a good mix of love songs and comedy, and audience member, junior Nicole Madar, said that there were a variety of acts. “I found it highly entertaining,” Madar said. “And Vinnie Pagano is God.”

Pagano has performed at many school functions, and his comedic acts have become very popular across campus. Pagano has a CD recorded of his original songs, a highly populated Facebook group, and he has an upcoming performance at a comedy club in New York City.

Many students came out to support their friends at the Open Mic Night after getting the word through Facebook events and fliers hung up around campus; the Performing Arts Room was full to capacity.

“A lot of friends of the performers were there,” said another audience member, sophomore Molly Cambone. “Everyone was well received.”


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