Say “I Love You,” in a Modern Way

By: Stephanie Espina

If you are wondering how to challenge your creativity this Valentine’s Day, why not dive into the innovative and ever changing world of technology and electronics? Sure, you can settle for the box of chocolates and store-bought flowers, but it won’t hurt to get with the times and try something new.

To find unique buys for this Valentine’s Day, you don’t even have to walk away from your computer screen. Here are some great deals on some of the hottest items that make perfect gifts, and they all can be found online!

SanDisk Sansa E260 MP3 Player

It’s never a bad idea to give someone the gift of music, especially if they don’t already have a portable playing device. The SanDisk Sansa E260 MP3 Player serves the same purposes as your typical iPod and then some. The E260 functions as an audio player, photo viewer, video player and radio. This gift is ideal for a person who is on-the-go or simply enjoys listening to their favorite tunes. The lowest prices can be found at Best offered price: $59.75.

Kodak Digital Frame For someone who likes to cherish memories through photographs, a digital frame would be the perfect choice. These frames change with the click of a remote or automatically, in seconds. All you have to do is insert a memory card that holds your pictures. This Kodak EasyShare frame lets you decide how you want to display your pictures: horizontally or vertically. It’s the modern day scrapbook, allowing you to organize your photos however you like. Gather up some memorable photographs to personally install yourself before that picture perfect moment. This digital frame sells for just $69.95 at


Steer someone in the right direction this Valentine’s Day by getting that special someone a GPS navigation system. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and uses satellite technology to help you get around. It saves previous destinations you have searched and offers alternate directions if you miss an instruction. These devices tend to be sell on the expensive side but this Magellan Maestro Portable Automotive GPS sells for $81.95. This price can be found at With this gift, you can literally show your valentine the way to your heart!


Is your valentine into having fun while keeping active? Nintendo’s Wii fit combines the joys of gaming with working out. Various activities will have you sweating including yoga, snowboarding, running and extreme hoola hoop. If this won’t keep them on their feet then maybe this newly designed weight board will. This technology allows the programs to recognize you as a player, determine your weight and weight loss goals and track progress. This gift is is ideal for someone who already has the Wii Gaming System. Wii Fit sells for just $89.99 at


After a long day at work, or even at work, anyone can use a quality massage. Now you can get one and bring one with you wherever you go. The iNeed Lumbar Massager contains four dual-rotating massage nodes that give off a kneading sensation similar to that of the traditional Shiatsu massage. No batteries are needed for this device, instead, you can simply plug it in. This device comes with its own carrying case, so you won’t have to give away your happy secret. The iNeed Lumbar Massager is on sale now at Brookstone stores near you for just $59.95.

For more  tech savvy gift ideas, check out this video Mahalo’s Daily Top 10 Tech Gifts of 2008:

*All images found on Google Images


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