Motivated by Money: Students are Determined to Stay On-Campus

By Ashley Posimato

Have you ever had a door slammed in your face?  If you have been deprived of this opportunity thus far but have some sort of desire to subject yourself to this level of disrespect, there is a simple phrase that assures this repercussion:

“Good evening I’m the RA on duty, the reason I am here is that your music is too loud and the amount of people flowing in and out of your house could quite possibly field two football teams.” Guaranteed door slam.

The life and work of an resident assistant can be described by a variety of emotions: rewarding, disheartening, embarrassing, and empowering.  Yet no matter the connotation of each individual experience, there is a general consensus of the uniqueness of the job. Which is why it is for a desirable position for some people.

Then there is the additional financial incentive that has recently, due to the state of the economy, made the job even more attractive.  With the housing selection process approaching, an inflated number of RA applications have accumulated in the housing office.

Joseph Gaurdino, resident director of Sheahan Hall, and head of the RA selection committee is very familiar with the hiring process and has confirmed the enormity of this year’s applicant pool.

“While the numbers may be similar to other years in the past, I do believe that the reasoning for so many students to be applying to be RAs this year has a lot to do with the economic situation that we are currently in,” Guardino said.

In some cases the resident assistant job has transcended being desirable, and has become necessary to continue their education.

“Many students are looking for ways to cover costs that parents, at least initially, believed that they could cover but are now finding difficult to do so,” Guardino added. “I have definitely heard a lot from current candidates that they need this in order to stay at the school.”

The climate of the economy proves not only to be detrimental to people in the work force, but also for those who are trying to complete their education.  The quality of the new RA candidates must be examined closely now that the motivation is largely financial.

“I am actually not concerned about the quality of the candidates that are applying,” Guardino said. “If a student needs a job they are more likely to work harder at it in order to make sure they keep that job.”


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