Looking to ski on a budget?

Hunter Mountain, Hunter NY

Hunter Mountain, Hunter NY

By: Michelle Morico

Winter often brings about the problem of wanting to participate in winter sports but not having the money to do so.

Marist is offering ski trips every Saturday in February. Tickets are on sale at College Activities where for only $25 with a Marist ID you are transported to Hunter Mountain and your lift ticket paid for. This is a great deal compared to the $61 it would cost to ski independently at Hunter on a Saturday, not to mention the cost of transportation.

Adam Katzenback, a Marist alumnus, used to frequent the SPC Ski Trips and really misses being able to snowboard for such a cheap rate.

“The trips are really a great bargain for Marist students. The only downfall is the 7 a.m. departure from Donnelly! Seriously though, I only wish I could snowboard for that cheap now,” he said.

The SPC Ski Trips also cater to those wanting to learn. It is $29 for a ski or snowboard rental, and $20 extra for a lesson.

Francesca Baglio, a junior at Marist, is an avid skier but doesn’t make it up north as much as she’d like.

Hunter Mountain, Hunter NY

Hunter Mountain, Hunter NY

“Being a student, on a budget, makes it hard to participate in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding because lift tickets are so expensive,” said Baglio. “The local mountains like Hunter and Windham are barely any cheaper than those up in Vermont.”

What a lot of students don’t know, like Baglio,  is that Marist College isn’t the only one offering lift ticket deals in the surrounding areas.

Hunter Mountain, in Hunter, N. Y.,  is located about an hour and fifteen minutes from Marist’s campus. Skiing after 3:00 p.m. provides the cheapest skiing around. According to Hunter Mountain’s website it’s only $18 to ski midweek, and $21 on the weekend. What a deal.

According to Hunter Mountain’s website, every Wednesday is “Ladies Day”; the package offers an “all-area lift ticket, equipment rental, group lesson and lunch for only 53 dollars.” For those that don’t have any class on Wednesdays, head up to Hunter!

Another easy way to save money skiing or snowboarding is to join a Ski Council. The New York and Connecticut Ski Councils offer deals at mountains on the Northeast depending on the day. For just a small entrance fee, the club offers discounts that can be up to 50 percent off the normal lift ticket cost. Check out the New York Ski Council and the Connecticut Ski Council here for more info!


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