Kobe and LeBron Stellar Performances at MSG

By: Matt Pugliese

Kobe and LeBron During a Game

Kobe and LeBron During a Game

The New York Knicks had one of the worst weeks since their existence in the NBA. They let two pf the greatest players in the NBA go on a scoring spree. First, it was Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. On February 2, Kobe had a Madison Square Garden record 61 points in 126-117 Lakers win. Bryant shot 19 of 31 from the floor and shot an astounding 20 of 20 from the free throw line.

The Knicks crowd started chanting, “MVP!” Bryant said, “It’s a blessing to do what you love and to have moments like this.” Bryant passed former Knick Bernard King, who had 60 points, for the most all-time at Madison Square Garden.

Two days later, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers came to New York to face off against the Knicks, and what a show he would put on. James finished the game with 52 points, 11 assists and 9 rebounds. James was credited with a triple-double, but it was later found that his teammate Ben Wallace grabbed a rebound instead of LeBron. James shot 17-33 from the field, and went 16-19 from the free throw line. The Cavaliers defeated the Knicks 107-102.

James said after the game, “I don’t go out there for the numbers, I just play my game, you guys seen every phase of my game tonight, the scoring, the rebounding, the assists and defensively just trying to attack the opposing team.”

So, whom would you rather have on your team?

“I would rather have LeBron, he’s only 24 years old, and the guy puts up incredible numbers every night, said Tyler DeBari a junior at Marist College. He is just so entertaining. He makes me want to watch the game of basketball.”

David Gentile says, “That is a tough call because both players posses so much talent. I would say this; I would want LeBron for 46 minutes. Then when it came down to taking the final shot to win the game, I would have to go with Kobe. ”

The Lakers and Cavaliers played Sunday in what was in epic battle. The Lakers defeated the Cavaliers 101-91 ending the Cavaliers 23 game unbeaten home wining streak. Kobe had 19 points while LeBron only had 16. Both didn’t have their best performance of the season, but the Lakers defeated the Cavs twice this season. This is a difficult question to answer, we will sire find the answer later down the road when these two teams may end up facing each other for the NBA Championship.


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