Young and Accomplished: Artists Featured in Exhibit a Source of Inspiration

By Jacel Egan

The aroma of wine and hor’dourves filled the air as guests attended the “Tradition/Invention: 5 Emerging Artists” Exhibit on Jan. 26. Paintings, etchings and sketches draped the Steel Plant Studio walls, displaying the talent of various young and accomplished artists: Alfredo Gisholt, Lindsay McCulloch, Lorena, Salcedo-Watson, Stephanie Somers and Kevin Kelly, the latter two being Marist alum.

The works in the exhibit were chosen upon criteria intended to inspire other young artists.

“I included young artists with solid achievements to show undergraduates here the importance of going to graduate school. I also wanted to provide role model figures for them to look up to,” said Ed Smith, Art Gallery Director.

Various artists have experience with teaching opportunities, fellowships, museum exposure, and have displayed work in solo exhibitions.

5 Emerging Artists" Exhibit at Marist.

Alfredo Gisholt sitting in his studio with his paintings. He is featured as one of the artists in the "Tradition/Invention: 5 Emerging Artists" Exhibit at Marist. Photo courtesy of

Alfredo Gisholt, one of the artists in the exhibit, feels that his success is due to his hard work and dedication. Several paintings and sketches in his collection show masses of bodies fighting with one another, inspired by religious processions held in Mexico.

“I wanted my work to show the violence and sacrifice of human life through narrative finger painting,” Gisholt said. “I connected with the beauty of the religious processions back in Mexico, which went from the center of town and ended at the church to make offerings to the Virgin.”

Lindsay McCulloch, another featured artist, said that although her past works, such as The Prince collection, resulted from evoking strong memories of her past. Her more recent paintings, on the other hand, are based on more immediate influences and happenings.

"Wired" by Lindsay McCulloch. Photo courtesy of

Many students that attended expressed their appreciation for the talent in the show.

“In just the collection displayed, one can see how Grisholt’s style has evolved in such a short period of time,” said Matt Faustini, a sophomore. He stated that although the theme is the same between his earlier and more recent work, the paintings Grisholt created later seem more defined.

Andrew Gallagher, a junior, expressed his admiration of how so many sketches displayed were so realistic, yet still captured so much emotion at the same time.

“Exhibits like this send such a positive message to students and hopefully get them going on the right track when thinking of what to do post-graduation,” Smith said.

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