The Spring Attachment Program

By Emily Dalrymple

The Marist Spring Attachment Program has become quite a success over the past few years.
This year students are planning on traveling to many different places including Paris, Milan, London, Greece, and South Africa. A student must be in good academic standing and will need final approval from the program director to participate in the course. The programs do require an additional fee beyond tuition, ranging from $3200 – $4800 plus the cost of personal expenses.

Ashley Diaz, a current Marist senior, says in response to paying the additional fees “Absolutely. Seeing how other people live in a different culture should be a requirement for graduation.” Diaz, a Biomedical Studies major with a minor in Chemistry, enrolled in the Environmental Chemistry course taught by Dr. Neil Fitzgerald, which gave her credits towards her minor. She traveled to London, Edinburgh, and Dublin for a total of two weeks. She says of the attachment “We visited a good deal of historic sites, looked for signs of pollution (i.e. acid rain ECT.). We also attended a few lectures and visited a nuclear power facility as well as a lead mine. In Ireland, we waded into the River Liffey and took water samples and we collected samples of the invertebrates found in the river.”

Kelly Vlkovic, a recent Marist graduate, also participated in the spring attachment program. She participated in the Shakespeare in London program taught by Dr. Richard Grinnell. She says of her course work “Before we went to London we read four of Shakespeare’s plays, wrote a paper, and did a group presentation. While in London we went on guided walking tours, attended performances at the Globe and other theaters, and had to visit certain sites related to Shakespeare both with the group and on our own.” She took the course as an elective and says that one must speak to the professor before hand, but it is a simple process to be approved for the attachment. You must explain why you would like to participate in the course.

Globe Theatre, London

Globe Theatre, London

Both students said that the attachments included quite a bit of free time including a day off to explore the surrounding area. Each day had some course work as well as events scheduled by the college for the students to participate in. Diaz says “It was a good balance.”

For future students who are interested in traveling abroad, Vlkovic says “If you cannot, or do not want to, do a whole semester I would definitely recommend doing an attachment program.”

For more information, visit the Marist Spring Attachment Site which includes a description for each class and each spring attachment.


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