Spring Semester Brings a Fresh Start

Marist College Dyson Center

Marist College Dyson Center

By Jennifer Hill

On January 20th, Marist College began its spring semester. Each new term brings excitements and challenges to students and teachers. Professor Carla Hill expressed a positive attitude about the new beginning. “I am enthusiastic to see a new group of students. It’s always nice to have a fresh start,” said Hill.  

Hill added advice for students who may be worried about their new classes. “Try to stay on top of things,” she said. “Give every new professor a chance, regardless of what you’ve heard and take things one class at a time.”

Marist sophomore, Amanda Huggins agreed with Hill. “Approaching each class as a new experience will start you off with a positive attitude, which is crucial for success.” 

Huggins who is a member of Dance Club, Campus Ministry, and the Emerging Leaders Program, added that getting involved is also a good way to ease nervousness. “By joining clubs and activities, you will be able to meet more people who may end up being in some of your classes,” Huggins said.

Although most people are excited about the new term, others have expressed some difficulties. Maria Feehan, a freshman at Marist, said that she was enthusiastic about the start of a new semester but admitted she had trouble with the add/drop system.

“Waking up at seven-thirty and competing with all the other students to log onto the system and get the classes I wanted was definitely tricky,” Feehan said. “I think it is just a system I need to get used to.”

Another difficulty Marist students face is the transition from eLearning to iLearn. The two electronic learning systems have some similarities but many students have found the conversion difficult.

Tim Wall, a senior at Marist, says that he prefers eLearning to iLearn. “ELearning has a very basic format and at times iLearn is overwhelming. It’s difficult to transition after using eLearning for three years.”

Huggins agreed that switching from eLearning to iLearn can be difficult but in general Marist has been helpful with the transition. “Marist has a great support team and even though some people may have had a rough start to the semester, Marist is usually willing to help in any way they can,” Huggins added.


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