Editor’s Note: The Final Blog

As a class, the newsletter The River Reporter has helped cover issues in the weeks leading up to the election, all the way through post-election analysis and commentary. From the beginning of the semester, each student has made significant progression in their ability to write and report. For most of us, this was the first presidential election we were eligible to vote in. As new voters, we not only care about the issues but also as aspiring journalists, we have actually taken the chance to understand them in depth by reporting in a fair and balanced manner. As a class, we have also been able to make the transition from the standard print newsletter to the ever-growing area of Internet blogging. Blogging has developed considerably in its ability to generate professional and provocative writing; this class has only reinforced how one can make a career of it. Being editors for this final edition, we wanted our peers to have the freedom to expand on any political issue they felt strongly about. In doing so, many students elected the option of writing editorials, and some even wrote reflective pieces of what they learned about politics from this class.  We hope each student enjoyed reporting and writing, as this newsletter has served as a foundation of knowledge for many interested readers.


Editors Alex D’Ercole and Mike Muschiano


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