A greener future

By Stephanie Lyon

As President-elect Barack Obama prepares to start his official duties in January everyone is eager to see what is on his agenda; one of those issues is global warming.

In 2007 NASA’s chief climatologist James Hanson, along with several co-authors, submitted a paper to Science Magazine on the detrimental affects global warming will have on our environment if we don’t reduce our carbon dioxide emissions from our current 387 ppm (parts per million) to 350ppm.

In turn, Bill McKibben wrote in the May 11th, 2007 Los Angeles Times “two weeks ago came the news that atmospheric carbon dioxide had jumped 2.4 parts per million last year, two decades ago, it was going up barely half that fast.”

McKibben felt it was time to do something; time to take a stand. That’s exactly what he did. He started the 350.org organization. The goal of this organization, according to its hompage online, is to take global action for our global future. The initiative has gone global with 41 countries on board in support of this cause.

Just recently McKibben received word back from the Obama camp. It will be both interesting and exciting to see what sort of support Obama will give to this organization, and this global cause as a whole. Obama has said many times that he “hopes to see America become more energy dependent.”

Just a few weeks ago, on Sunday November 16th, 190 people rallied on the FDR-Mid Hudson Bridge from the Hudson Valley area for an event sponsored by 350.org.

A picture of the event is going to be one of ten “best action shots” presented at the U.N. climate conference being held right now in Poland. The Conference started on December 1st and will run through the 12th of the month.

It is one voice that grows into a few, which then become a crowd, and before you know it there is a movement for change.

McKibben is just one of several people who have taken a stand on the issue of global warming. After all, it’s our global future at stake here, so what are you going to do?

Whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent, we should all agree that we need to cut down the pollution we create in order to preserve our present and future living environment. Though we may stay politically divided, hopefully we can stand eco-friendly united.


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