Will Clinton Become Secretary of State?

New York State Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton may become President-elect Barack Obama’s Secretary of State during his term starting in January, according to CNN.com.hillarybarack

Rumors spread daily about Obama’s cabinet and who will comprise the depth of the group. However, questions arise if Obama will choose Clinton, or if he will let Republican Condoleezza Rice stay in the position because of her success since taking the position in 2005, or possibly someone else.

“Why fix what isn’t broken?” said Marist College graduate Jillian Price. “The fact that Rice is a black female republican is something that Obama needs to take into consideration, especially since she has done so well in the past four years.”

Though Rice has had great success as Secretary of State, Clinton had eight years of living in the White House, and almost nine years in the Senate with dealing with foreign affairs very similar to what Rice has dealt with.

“There is a complete split reaction on Hillary Clinton,” said Price. “People either love her or hate her. And I understand that he wants to put another democrat in his cabinet, but he needs a balance so everything won’t be so one-sided on decision making.”

If Obama decides that Clinton is the right pick for Secretary of State, she would be the head spokesperson for the president on foreign affairs and the War on Terror, and would be fourth in succession of becoming president if anything happened.

“I think she would do a good job in that position,” said Jessica Green, and economics major at Marist College. “I think that with her experience as being First Lady, and her experience as New York State Senator, she will do a great job working with Obama. Especially since currently she has such a great influence and pull in the Senate with foreign affairs.”



One response to “Will Clinton Become Secretary of State?

  1. Confidants have said that Hillary has accepted the position, but she has not announced her acceptance.

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