Obama: Leader of Change

By Stephanie Lyon

As the days grow smaller between now and Inauguration day the potential for a brighter political future for America seems imminent.

Many important issues such as new bailout bids by top motor industry CEO’s and immigration problems are hot topics right now. Obama is keeping his cool and taking on the weight of our countries problems in stride, keeping an even hand.

Eager American’s who are ready to move forward are starting to get a glimpse at the identity of Obama’s soon to be presidential staff.

Many believe that Sen. Hillary Clinton will accept the position of Secretary of State in the coming weeks.

Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano is Obama’s top choice for homeland security, and let’s not forget what made Obama’s presidential campaign so successful; smart and strong financing.

Who chaired that; non-other than Penny Pritzker, a Chicago businesswoman, and also a billionaire. Many speculate that she will be offered the job of commerce secretary.

It is the diversity that makes this country so great, and though at times makes us feel like we are being torn apart; it is actually the ideology that holds this country together. It will be interesting to see where the next four years take us, but if there is one certainty, it is that bipartisanship is needed to keep this country running and its roots intact.

We are a young country, and have the power to learn from our mistakes and inaccuracies. We can only go up from where we are, and that is where Obama is going to take us; up.

First we must rebuild our reputation in the global community. Re-establishing our credibility and capability of working with others is crucial.

We must close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba, and reassess what is being done and what is not being in terms of the guidelines of the Geneva Conventions.

Prisoners of war must be treated fairly; water boarding and other forms of torture must be stopped.

Obama says he wants to increase research and use of alternative energy methods, and along with wanting to create over more than 2 million jobs between now and 2011. If that can be accomplished it will greatly help our economy recover from its current up and down spiral.

We need to better educate the leaders of tomorrow, who are just children today.

The ethical and moral integrity of America must be restored, and with Obama at the reigns hopefully sooner rather than later that will be achieved.

Our nation needs reform, and we can do it, ‘yes we can’, and hopefully now with a leader of change we will.


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