Time Magazine’s Next Pick


In the 2008 presidential election there were two mainstream newsmakers: Barack  Obama and Sarah Palin. Both campaigned rigorously and fought until the end. The  candidates showed their pros and cons and what they could bring to our country.  But the question that remains now is who Time magazine will choose at their “2008  sarah-palinPerson of the Year.”

Time has been known to make  off-the-wall choices but, would it be right to choose Sarah Palin over President-elect Barack Obama?

“Both Palin and Obama did a great job campaigning,” said Kerry Brown, a  sophomore at Boward Community College. “Palin showed it was possible for almost anyone to gain political prominence. But Obama revolutionized the political scene becoming the first African-American to win the U.S. presidential election.”

Playing devil’s advocate, it would be interesting to see how the American public reacts if Time chooses Palin. Her overnight fame became even more unlikely than that of Obama. Palin became an accidental celebrity. Twenty-four hours after John McCain announced who his running mate would be; the media went on a rampage for every ounce of Palin information possible since most Americans outside Alaska didn’t know who she was; many called it “Palinmania.”

“It will be very interesting to see who is chosen” said Susan Gasparro, Art Director of Soap Opera Weekly. “Time usually chooses the underdog person, but Obama has shown so much strength and prestige through his campaign. Although Palin did what many thought would not be possible.”


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