Palin Has No Regrets

Ever since Sen. John McCain lost to President-elect Barack Obama, accusations have swirled targeting Gov. Sarah Palin as the reasons behind the defeat.

The originally-shielded governor has recently opened up to the media, inviting reporters into her home and her life in Alaska. Palin is clearing her name of the false allegations that were made by unidentified aids who called her “ill-prepared” for interviews. She calls her former aides “jerks” for telling untrue stories about her.

“It doesn’t hurt me because I don’t know who anybody is who is knocking me from within the campaign,” Palin told Larry King in an interview last week. “When these are unnamed sources, unless somebody has got the guts to put their name on a criticism, then come forward and tell me what they thought that I did wrong.”

Palin has no regrets about doing the Katie Couric interview, which has said to be the cost of the election. Although some of the questions were irrelevant and led to her being annoyed, Palin feels that Couric’s questions were fair.

“To think that this interview had any kind of negativity or downfall in the campaign is ridiculous,” Palin said. “And I wish that there would have been, perhaps, more dilution, in terms of that interview being one of many; I wish I could have done more interviews along the trail.”

According to a CNN analysis, Palin’s post-election actions show that she has her future in mind. She is changing her image and continues to stay in the spotlight, which seems to follow her long after the election has ended.

Another story that stirred controversy during the election was the accusation that Palin spent $150,000 in clothing for the campaign. Palin told Larry King that the clothes were for eight people and were not hers because they were borrowed and returned.

“There was a wardrobe there, just like there was staging and lighting and all the other effects of a national, multi-million dollar convention,” Palin said. “The whole clothes issue, that’s part of the periphery, kind of the pettiness that was involved in the campaign that had absolutely nothing to do with policies, plans, records, values, or convictions.”

When asked if she would run for president, Palin said that she was not going to close any doors of opportunity that could be open to her in the future, but she is pleased to be back in Alaska.

“At this point, I’m very happy to get to serve my constituents in the great state of Alaska and start contributing our state more to national security and economic prosperity across America,” Palin said.

As for the future, Palin is open to new opportunities, but firmly states that her family comes first. She has no regrets about taking Gov. John McCain’s offer for vice president, even though it cost her family and herself pain through the media.

“Our family has always been a team effort in the Palin family and we decided that we were going to take those shots because, at the end of the day, we were on the right path, knowing that we could be in an assisting, supportive role to help our nation,” Palin said. “It was all worth it.”


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