McCain’s Experience Will Continue to Grow

President-elect Barack Obama will now be in charge of the country for the next four years. He is expected to try to right the ship that is the United States of America from the problems we have faced in recent times. While Obama continues to be in the spotlight, the last we’ve seen of John McCain was his gracious and what many would consider memorable concession speech. While McCain hasn’t been seen recently, he certainly will be heard from very soon, and for at least the next few years.

After a failed Presidential campaign in which he was constantly criticized for attacking Obama more than focusing on bringing the country together, McCain will still be as prominent a figure in politics as he has been for over 20 years.

McCain still has a seat in the Senate until 2010, so he still will be prominent in decision making for the U.S. Along with his seat in the Senate, McCain is a ranking member of a number of senatorial committees and subcommittees. He is a member of the Indian Affairs Committee, the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, and of course, the Armed Forces Committee.

In the Indian Affairs Committee, McCain, who was chairman of the committee in 2005 and 2006, along with its other members deal with problems regarding American Indians, Native Hawaiians, and Alaskans.

During the campaign, transportation reform was a topic amongst the candidates, and McCain will deal with that in the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee. He will work with Obama in attempts at more efficient developmental technologies such as more fuel-efficient cars

McCain’s past service to the country had been talked about much during his campaign, and many considered that he was attempting to scare Americans in to believing we will be attacked again and that his experience will be the only way to save us. The fact that a terrorist attack is a very real consideration which seemed to be ignored by many and was only considered as a way for McCain to sneak his way in to office is something that upsets me as well as I’m sure it upsets many other Americans…but that’s another story. McCain will continue work in the Armed Services Committee and will deal with things such as weapons technology as well as an overseeing of the armed forces. The fact that McCain will still be involved in our military’s work is something that every American should be happy with.

Just because McCain did not become president does not mean he will not be seen or heard from again. While another presidential bid in the future is likely out of the question, McCain’s experience and dedication to this country will still be very evident in the coming years as he will continue to work with Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and many others in trying to unify and better our country.


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