Post Election Reactions

It has been a week since the presidential election and the smack-talking has not ceased. For the past months, politicians, campaign supporters and voters have been getting riled up over the race between John McCain and Barack Obama to the White House. From opponent bashing to name-calling, the road to November 4th was a vicious one.
Now that the election has been called and Obama is our president-elect, one might think that the hostility between parties has come to an end. However, the election results have only been cause for more antagonism. For example,, a networking site popular among college students, has been a resource that many people have used to convey their political beliefs to others. After the election was called last Tuesday, several facebook users utilized their page to display their happiness or lack thereof. It was evident, from what people posted on their pages, who supported which candidate. Obama supporters had victorious taglines posted such as, “GOBAMA” or “Barack and Roll!” Additionally, many of the postings illustrated people’s pleasure with Obama being the first black president. On the other hand, it was evident that several McCain supporters were less than content with updated pages saying things like “I am leaving the U.S. for the next for years” or “Now America is screwed.”
As far as initial reactions to the election results go, Marist senior and class president, Julie Lavin said she was “not surprised.” Lavin was tuned in to the election for a couple hours before it was called and said that there was so much hype over the states Obama had won over McCain, that she could predict Obama would win. As a McCain supporter, Lavin said, “I am indifferent with the results, but I have faith in Obama.”
Lavin commented on how some people are not being accepting toward president elect Obama stating that one of her friends referenced the Book of Revelations and how Obama fits the description of the “anti-Christ.”
“It is ridiculous how closed-minded some people are,” Lavin said. “Obama has to have some plan to repair the states because so many people voted for him.”
Marist senior Megan Frey was also not surprised with the election results. However, Frey said that once the election was called, she was very relieved. As a psychology/special education major, Frey said she is glad that Obama was elected because of his support for education and the schools.
Regarding people’s opposition of Obama as president, Frey said that it is “absolutely ridiculous.” She said she believes bashing Obama is an immature way to look at the situation.
“What’s done is done and for the next four years, [McCain supporters] will have to deal with Obama as president because we are all one unified nation,” Frey said.


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