My Experience As A First Time Voter

It is amazing to think after months and months of campaigning and rallying across the country, we now know who the next President of the United States will be; Barack Obama.

As a first time voter it felt good to know I along with millions of other voters were voicing our opinions, and helping to shape history.

When I walked in to vote at my hometown polling district I was a little nervous. The 2000 Bush and Gore election came to mind, I thought; “what if I mess up my ballet and vote for the wrong candidate?”

My heart beat started to quicken as I walked in the door. There was a long table with 4 people sitting at it. I walked up to the first 2 people; elderly women. They smiled at me and asked to see my driver’s license. Then proceeded to ask why my license was vertical and I explained that everyone who is under the age of 21 has a vertical license, and once you turn 21 you get one that is horizontal, to make it impossible for underage people to get into bars, in the state of Connecticut, and they laughed and said “oh!”

Oddly enough, I was glad they asked because it made me relax a little.

Then I moved down the line to the next person, a man. He asked me what my home address was, found it on a list and crossed off my name after confirming that I was in-fact Stephanie Lyon.

He smiled and pointed to the next man, who was holding the ballets and said “go ahead”.

I walked over to him and as he handed me my ballet asked “are you a first time voter?”

I smiled and replied, “Yes, is it that obvious?” He laughed and said that I just looked young and excited, both of which were true.

I was indeed excited, and nervous, and though I am 20-years-old, people constantly tell me that I look like I’m 16 and that I’ll appreciate it later in life.

As he handed me the ballet I told him I’d driven home from college to get the experience of actually voting, instead of using an absentee ballet, and he said, “good for you!”, in a happy pepped up sort of tone.

I then proceeded to the booth and bubbled in the various boxes, in each category, and answered the 2 questions at the top of the ballet, and put it through an electronic machine.

I’m happy to say voting was not scary or hard, and it is a day I will never forget. It was the first time I have ever voted in a Presidential Election, and I’m happy to say it won’t be the last.


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