McCain and Obama Speeches

At the end of the night on Tuesday, November 4th, the longest presidential race in history finally came to an end. Barack Obama was elected to be the next president of the United States and the crowd at Chicago’s Grant Park was overcome with strong feelings.

McCain enthusiasts were devastated after finding out their votes were not enough to pull their favored candidate into a lead. Obama supporters were beside themselves for their dream of change and hope for our country’s prosperous future could finally begin. Victory or loss, both men had to give a speech depicting their feelings on the aftermath of the long stretch of campaigning and effort they put into the race.

Whether you consider yourself a fan of McCain or Obama, I think it is safe to say that both of these men delivered excellent speeches. I was personally surprised at how well McCain handled his and couldn’t have seen him or anybody else giving a better performance. He spoke only minutes after Obama’s victory was announced, but did not show one ounce of disappointment or stress. He graciously showed his respect for our new president and made his audience feel confident with our country’s decision. When people began “booing” after Obama’s name was mentioned, McCain righteously put an end to their negativity and praised the new president and the support he has for him. Obama followed with another impactful deliverance.

“Yes, we can,” Obama continuously mentioned in his concession speech. These motivational words moved millions around the world as their teary eyes became ready for a real change. The negative occurrences that our country is currently dealing with have been getting old for everyone, and we are all ready to see what Obama has in store for our futures. I noticed that Obama seemed very somber during his speech and it was hard to read what he was exactly feeling at the time. One could guess that lack of sleep and the overwhelming shock of news may have been contributing factors to his manner. However once his wife Michelle came onto the stage Obama was all smiles. I also found it very warming to hear Obama talk about his wife and two daughters in his speech, letting his children as well as his country know that the family was getting a new puppy. After hearing this, and hearing him refer to his wife as his best friend, I got an even better feeling about Obama as a person. He is not only the president of our United States, but he is a friend and a father as well.

Audience members were clearly touched after both men spoke to Chicago’s Grant Park and the rest of the world who was watching from their television sets. Jesse Jackson and Oprah Winfrey are two examples of viewers who shed joyful tears for all to see. Both McCain and Obama’s speeches were a powerful way to end the long period of campaigning and begin the next step in movement toward a better world.


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