This is fun isn’t it?

It’s starting to really get exciting. Early numbers are starting to flood in and we are now able to follow live up-to-date poll results. From now even until tomorrow morning, votes will continue to be counted, and we will soon know who will lead our country for the next four years. For someone who is in to stat-tracking and following every little piece of the action, now is the best time of the day.

Currently watching a news station of my choice, they are updating numbers minute by minute, and I’ve been finding myself getting excited with every update. Indiana and Kentucky have been updating rapidly, while Maine currently has a total of 3 votes counted and has had that number for about an hour. In less than 10 minutes from now will be the next poll closings, and numbers should start to fly.

I can’t wait to follow this all throughout the night, and much like a Yankees game, I’m hoping for an exciting contest to go down to the wire. (With my favorite coming out on top of course) It will just be disappointing if it can basically be called in the next hour…where’s the fun in that? Here’s hoping to an exciting night, I don’t think it will disappoint.

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